Why you didn’t gain muscle (and how to do it)


Fitness experts on Instagram seem to defy gravity to make you wonder: “how did she do it? ! It’s true that everyone’s body is different, and they don’t muscle in the same way. By learning more about your muscles, you’ll find the best way to get booty.
Muscles can maintain your weight
In function, muscles protect your bones, organs, and tissues, and may even help you heal quickly. Kathryn Sansone, founder of the Greek girl beauty protein company, added that muscles are also important for weight maintenance. “Muscles need more energy, so they burn more calories than fat,” she says. “The more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism will be.” More muscle means more rest, plus you can work harder at your workout. A win-win situation.
It can also lead to earnings, so don’t panic
Women may worry when they see a rise in Numbers. “At any rate, a pound is a pound, but a pound of muscle is much smaller than a pound of fat,” said Jacklyn Sklaver, NASM’s personal trainer and the CISSN sports nutritionist. Instead, measure your waist, hips and percentage of your body fat to track your progress.
Strength training is the best result
Sklaver recommends that women practice four times a week to see the results. “Some women can only insist on weight training and no heart,” she explains. “Others may need to do it three or five times a day for 30 minutes a day to get the best results.” Sklaver adds that adding compound exercise (general exercise) to burn more calories is also beneficial. “Exercise is the best way to grow your muscles,” she says. “The more body parts you use, the more fat you have.” Focus on working in the body’s biggest muscles: hips, quadrilateral and hamstring. Training the upper body together helps create an hourglass shape. You can also reduce your running time, and Sklaver says too much cardio can cause muscle growth problems.
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Don’t be afraid to walk out of the weight room like John Cena. “Women who follow nutrition programs who are ‘heavy,’ have been working for many, many years, and may have a goal of increasing strength rather than body composition,” Sklaver said. It requires more effort to gain muscle than to increase or decrease fat. It means that if you lift weights, you won’t get bigger immediately. If you’re prone to bloating, Sklaver recommends focusing on your nutrition. “Find daily calories and constant nutrient intake, meal preparation, meal performance and recovery.”
Men are easier to build than women
Our male counterparts produce more testosterone – responsible for growing hormones, and also genes that build greater muscle fibers that help them get more quality. Women produce more estrogen, which means our bodies naturally carry more body fat than lean muscle. Body type and heredity can also play a role in body composition, but so is nutrition.

Your diet plays an important role
“Muscles need an appropriate amount of nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates and fats,” said Lisa Avellino, director of the center for health and wellness in New York. She recommends keeping training and food diaries to minimize speculation and measurement of your results. Sklaver agrees with Avellino’s point of view, adding that starving yourself, rather than eating enough protein, can prevent you from seeing the results. “Muscles are made of protein, so they need protein to grow,” Sklaver said. “the complete protein is the source of any lean animal, dairy, eggs, fish and some protein powder. “For vegetarians, choose quinoa, buckwheat or soy, or nuts combined with whole grains to make a complete protein. Many plant-based foods are incomplete proteins that make it difficult for the body to absorb enough nutrients. “A good rule of thumb is that you have to eat 30 per cent of the incomplete protein to achieve the same benefit as a complete protein source,” she explained.
Check for potential health conditions
Sometimes you can’t get rid of the muscles that may be related to the health you may not be aware of. Sklaver says it’s important to determine whether there are any diseases that may affect metabolism, endocrine system or thyroid. You should also make sure you have enough sleep to reduce your recovery time. According to avelino, our human growth hormone (HGH) level is the highest, when we fall asleep. “Many studies have shown that lack of sleep is associated with high cortisol levels,” she explains. “Cortisol is a stress-related catabolic hormone that breaks down muscle tissue.” Building muscle and reducing stress are complementary.


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