How to avoid getting sick, stay healthy and good


Even if you know how to be healthy, this year is a cold, and flu and viruses have a better chance of disappointing you.
So, here are 12 steps you can take to avoid getting sick and staying healthy.
While this is an important part of the plan, knowing how to stay healthy isn’t just based on healthy health. On any surface you touch, an aggressive pathogen is rampant throughout the day.
No matter how you take care of yourself, you can still get infected.
However, through these tips on how to avoid getting sick, you can greatly improve your chances of being unscathed during this flu season. If you are sick, your symptoms will be less severe or persistent.
How to stay healthy and avoid illness
Here’s how your flu will prevent you from getting sick, preventing colds and flu, and staying healthy for the entire season.
Stay away from patients. Although bacteria are all around us, they are naturally more focused on patients. So avoid intimacy at social gatherings, or work with anyone who looks bad. Also, if you have to go to a hospital, sit in a doctor’s waiting room, or take care of a sick child, they are all bacteria factories and wear masks.
Just eat super healthy foods. How well you eat can have a big impact on your body’s resistance to bacterial invasion. So make sure you eat healthy foods like lean protein, whole grains, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Keep your hands free. Since most of your contact with the world is through your hands, bacteria and viruses can live up to eight hours on the surface, keeping your hands clean and helping protect you from getting sick.
Put your hands on your face. One of the best ways bacteria can get into your body is through your mouth, eyes and nose. So even if you are vigilant about hand washing, you should get into the habit of not touching your face.
Avoid breathing poisonous gas. Inhaled air germs from coughing and sneezing are contagious. But smoking, secondhand smoke and traffic fumes can damage vitamin C and weaken your defenses.

6. Immunity supplement. Combining healthy eating habits, nutritional supplements will definitely help you stay healthy. With basic daily nutrients, antioxidants such as A, C, E and selenium, plus vitamin D, enzymes and probiotics can all help you avoid getting sick.
Drink plenty of water. Drinking water is essential for health. Add some lemon and natural vitamin C to help fight off foreign invaders and stevia, and turn it into healthy lemonade.
It’s wise to exercise. Staying active helps reduce stress and improve the immune system. But if you think you might get sick, skip the exercise. Your body needs rest and all additional resources to eliminate any bacteria you are exposed to.
Always get enough sleep. Your immune system is very effective in defending you against foreign invaders, but your body needs downtime to recover. This is especially true if you are dealing with an infection. So learn how to get a good night’s sleep – every night.
Don’t share food or utensils. Bacteria can easily find the way of the party, finger food or any Shared dish or drink. Be sure to use your dishwasher or hot soapy water to wash the dishes at home.
Avoid drinking too much. According to research, alcohol can keep your immune system up to 24 hours. So, especially if you think you might fall down something, throw it away.
If you’re sick, be proactive. Drink plenty of fluids (such as lemon, herbal tea and plain soup), avoid congestion and overeating, get plenty of rest and take additional nutritional supplements.
Even smarter antibiotics, though effective bacterial infections such as pneumonia or sinusitis, most colds, sore throats and flu are caused by a completely ineffective antibiotic.
Also, unnecessary use of antibiotics will only weaken your immune system.
This is an important part of learning how to stay healthy while learning how to avoid getting sick, staying healthy and working hard.


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