Naturally increase your metabolism


Adding metabolic food will naturally help you lose and manage your weight.
Therefore, it is important to understand foods that increase metabolism and food that reduces metabolism.
Of course, understanding how to increase metabolism naturally involves more ways than simply choosing foods that increase metabolism.
But increasing the metabolism of food is one of the easiest ways.
And since it takes more time and energy to digest high protein foods and high-fiber carbohydrates, the best foods to increase metabolism are protein and fiber foods.
How do you naturally increase your metabolism
Your metabolism is a major factor in weight loss and healthy weight maintenance. This process USES energy to burn calories when your body digests and absorbs nutrients during your metabolism.
Slow metabolism can lead to obesity and mental retardation.
While you can increase your metabolism by adding calories, it won’t help you lose weight. Here’s the best way to increase your metabolism:
Eat more vegetables and fruit. Most fresh fruits and non-starchy vegetables are rich in nutrients that take longer to break down and absorb, increase metabolic rate and help you feel longer. But be sure to choose fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber.
Get lots of high-protein foods. Protein takes longer to digest, so it speeds up your metabolism and helps you feel longer. Studies have shown that dieters who get at least 30 percent of their calories from high-protein diets lose more weight than those who lose weight. So every meal should include lean poultry, omega-3 fish or low-fat dairy products.
Exercise and lift weights regularly. Daily exercise is one of the best ways to increase your metabolism. The more muscle you build, the more calories you burn. So that includes the weight of your aerobic exercise.

Drink lots of non-caloric water. Even mild hydration can slow down your metabolism. But drinking water improves digestion, increases metabolism, and reduces fat absorption. It can also help you feel full, but it doesn’t have calories. If you want to add some flavor, use herbal tea or squeeze in a lemon and add some liquid stevia, which is naturally free of calories.
5. Only 100% whole grain. Whole grains, oats, rye, some soy products and brown rice also contain protein and fiber, which makes 100% whole grains a good choice to increase your metabolism.
Eat a little more food. Putting your metabolism into action doesn’t require much food – but every meal should contain some protein. Eating a small meal (four or five times a day) also makes your body sit down and eat less – a good thing.
Use plain low-fat yogurt as a dairy. Studies have shown that women who add low-fat yogurt to their diets can reduce their body fat by up to 61 percent in addition to calcium.
Spicy food and green tea have also been shown to boost metabolism. However, you will have to consume a lot of important results.
It is also important to understand which foods and destructive habits can slow down your metabolism and promote fat storage in your body. These include:
– unhealthy high-fat foods such as fatty meats, Fried foods, and even cooking oils can reduce our metabolism significantly. But a small amount of healthy fats, such as omega-3 oils and olive oil, can boost your metabolism.
– low-fiber carbohydrates, such as refined grains, desserts and alcoholic beverages, lead to lower metabolic rates.
– cigarettes and tobacco are particularly destructive. While many people say that smoking reduces appetite, the problem is that the nicotine constricting blood vessels actually reduces metabolism.
Now you know what and how should avoid natural increase metabolism, increase metabolism through using food and all other ways to increase the metabolism to increase your metabolism.


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