Etsy had a big jewellery sale last week


As a lover of cute, unique things, we love Etsy. But as a haggling hunter-gatherer, we pay the full price (even in our minds, we know this will help small businesses and entrepreneurs!). But this week, we can get the best of both worlds, because many Etsy sellers offer discounts from their store giftable items.
The discount range is between 10% and 20%, limited to some goods. Many sellers also offer qualified orders for free delivery. Although the sales time of each item varies from seller to seller, you can view all items on Etsy’s designated online week sales page.
For those looking for gifts from family and friends, the choice of jewelry is endless, and glittery criteria to magnify holiday party costumes. The national outline necklace (our staff’s favorite) is sold by seller theFolk for a 10% discount and costs you only $31. Any girl would be happy to open a gift and find the beautiful rose gold box made from FreshyFig, which will go on sale from $38.
For the ring, there are BlushesAndGold’s precious personalized delicious rings ($31) and MyRingsAndThings’s sleek MIDI rings ($10). For the baby in October, this beautiful white stone ring is the tenth month of the Ringcrush production in Atlanta, Georgia ($33).
For a more eclectic cousin, this is a cheap pair of ShinyStuffCreations avocado earrings ($9). For more classic friends, there are hand-made gold chains ($36) from Irinas GemsandStamps, with a variety of colors.
Whatever you choose to put in your shopping cart, you know that it will be different from anything under the tree!
If you can shape your lower body without actually doing any squat, you will, right? So, according to fashion blogger Courtney Kerr, this could be a choice. Yes, we are interested, too.

The founder of KERRently recently took to Instagram to share her favorite jeans, giving her back an overtone. Most importantly, Kerr’s “jeans that make people think they’ve done a lot of squat jeans” aren’t as expensive (or hard to achieve) as you’d expect.
In fact, Kerr’s “skinny” jeans ($45, come from Levi’s, a classic cowboy brand. In addition to amazon, these top jeans can also be used in various washes at,, and And all black Friday sales are happening now, which is a good time to store.
Kerr’s comment that jeans raise your booty is not the only reason we’re excited about the pair. Fla. ‘s pants are also mostly made of cotton, which means they are super comfortable, unlike sweatpants. The score.
Of course, we have little anti-squatting on health. So if you’re looking for a real hush-hued Tush, we suggest perfecting your weight down and treating these trendy bloggers to approve jeans. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find a mirror behind your best.


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