How to be comfortable with high heels


When it comes to looking stylish, there’s nothing like a pair of fancy heels. High heels make your legs look longer, your body looks slimmer, and your entire outfit just grinds a little. Unfortunately, for many women, they also hurt your feet! Thank you to the shoe designer for his pointed toes, slender heels, and narrow Outlines of heel pain. And according to the American medical association, you should get rid of any uncomfortable shoes and you may find it difficult to follow fashion. That’s why you need strategies to help you make your heels work for you, not against you. Read the skills to provide comfortable (or at least more comfortable) heels in heels.
Buy the right size. Sure, it seems obvious, but when was the last time you measured your shoes? Podiatrists know that as you get older, your feet will get bigger (and pregnancy can cause your feet to lengthen or widen). That’s why every time you buy a shoe, measure your foot. Make sure your longest toes and shoes have a thumb width in front of you and make your toes move. For high heels, this means you may need to increase your size to get comfortable.
Stick to the round head. Luckily for us, this season’s round collar shoes are back in style! Sharp toes can pull your big toe inward, causing joint pain, pain in the toes, and even bunions, which can lay your toes flat and unfold naturally. This makes it more comfortable. If you can’t reveal your pointy toes? There are some round head shoes alternating with pointed shoes.

Don’t be too tall. Podiatrists believe that one to two inches of heels is a good choice for comfort and foot health. And the cat’s heel is still big, which is good news. Avoid three – or four-inch heels, which can put undue pressure on the ball and bone in the front of the foot.
Customize your width. Sometimes the toes are not a problem – it’s the width. Many fashion shoe standard medium width. However, if you have wide feet, the middle-width shoes will feel uncomfortable. When you find a pair of shoes you like, see if they’re wide. If not, the shoemaker can usually stretch his shoes to widen the shoe’s head and increase the comfort of the shoe.
Buffer. When the size and style of your shoes are correct, it’s time to think about buffering. Many fashion shoes are cushioned in the area you need most, right under your feet. In particular, when you’re wearing high heels and completely transferring your weight to your feet, an adequate buffer can help your feet stay comfortable. If you don’t have enough shoes, consider adding some shoe add-ons. A brand called Foot Petals makes Tip Toes ($6.95), a flower-shaped insert that provides a good buffer.
Set aside. Wearing high heels for days can be frustrating for your feet. To maintain a certain comfort, switch between high heels and a flat pair of shoes. While wearing a skirt, while the heel will lengthen the legs, it doesn’t matter if you wear pants, so take a break during these days.


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