These comfortable, chic leggings are perfect Thanksgiving food baby pants


If you like to enjoy your holiday meal as much as I do (Seconds? Count me in! You know, you know, to choose a picture of a lovely grandma, but still comfortable enough to fit the inevitable food baby is not an easy task.
My typical Thanksgiving dinner dress is an intangible dress; I steer clear of jeans to avoid the nagging feeling of digging around my belt. But since I’ve discovered Reese’s ankle legs from Liverpool Jean ($79,, I’ve felt like a 180 for Thanksgiving pants.
Just like the standard leggings, this pair of shoes from Liverpool has no buttons, zippers or pockets, and a belt with extra bounce can bring the greatest comfort. But that’s where the similarities end. I love these leggings (technically, they’re more like jeggings), they have the details of fashion, like black reptiles design (don’t worry, it’s very subtle), smooth texture coating, trend ankle your tailored and tall waist line.
But the best feature? It’s incredibly comprehensive stretching. I find that I usually have to choose real jeans or leggings because jeggings often stretch during the day, making awkward fabrics awkward. But I’ve been wearing Liverpool dancing shoes in the coach and office, and even at the end of the day, they always look chic and tidy. Did I mention that they made your ass look weird?
When I get ready for Thanksgiving dinner and holiday parties, I’ll take Reese’s ankle leggings into my food baby approved wardrobe. I can look stylish, eat all the mashed potatoes I want, and don’t tear my pants off immediately after eating. In addition, they match from dirt and noble coat to fashion shoes and leather jacket all things, so when I go home on vacation, I don’t need too many clothes packed into my backpack.
This is your upcoming food coma style.


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