What is the Keto diet? Should you try it?


Recently there are many stories about the ketogenic diet, namely “keto diet”, due to the low content of carbohydrate and fat content is high, thus obtained from elite athletes (hip hop, LeBron James). A lot of energy. The idea is that by eating a high-fat, medium protein and fewer carbohydrates, the body into the ketone body, or ketone body (fat molecules) replace glucose as the main fuel source metabolic state.
How do you break it down into your daily diet? When making a meal plan, your goal is to get 70% to 75% of your calories from fat, get 20% to 25% from protein, and 5% to 10% from carbohydrates. Most of you are allowed to eat whole raw foods – high fat and protein foods, as well as complex carbohydrates. However, high-carb foods are completely cut off, so leave the cereal, potatoes, beans, syrup, pastries, fruits, and even milk. Basically, if it tastes sweet, or eventually has a “-sugar”, then you’ll have to throw it away. Why is that? Proponents of the keto diet point out that the study found that endurance athletes who ate carbohydrates and high fat showed more fat than their counterparts in the carbohydrate diet.
That sounds pretty good, right? (ok, except for the whole dairy and pastries.) Before you drop everything, here are some things you should know.
It wasn’t meant to lose weight. While the keto diet is being used to lose weight and help athletes perform better, it initially did not. Instead, it was created in the early 20th century to help children with epilepsy control seizures. According to CSCS’s MS, RD, Paul Salter, most people with epilepsy were advised to fast before the keto diet was introduced, but it turned out to be difficult for many people. “Found by high fat and low in carbohydrates, it produced the same metabolic changes and fast method, which means that the three molecules (body) acetone, beta hydroxy butyric acid ester and acetoacetic ester increased liver,” Salter said. Why the experts aren’t sure it helps, but now it’s working.
Its popularity is going beyond other diets. The amount of carbohydrates required for a ketogenic diet is low, but it can be made up by eating a higher fat content and adequate protein. In fact, diets are becoming more and more popular with people who are more active and overweight. But, like many diets, if you don’t see the results right away, some of the wrong diets may be hindered. Salter explains: “common errors include low carbohydrate intake enough, protein intake too much, can not insist for a long time to eating habits (4 to 6 weeks of adoption), and don’t regularly by every week and given to the introduction of carbohydrates.
It can increase your energy, but it takes a lot of effort. Joshua Shadle, Fuelary’s founder and chief executive, did the keto diet while training triathlon. “In the first few months, I have to really concentrate, because my body experience flu-like symptoms, but then I was instructed to add additional sodium (to help reduce water loss) in the diet, and this will help”, he said. Once the temporary symptoms disappear, shard says he eventually notices a significant increase in energy, which helps him lose 10 pounds.

It helps to like abut aww haha Westin Childs, “said Dr.” by avoiding the intake of carbohydrates, and try to reduce the intake of protein a day, can effectively reduce the blood sugar and insulin levels, promote weight loss. The owner of LIV method and creator Matt Sauerhoff said, and carbohydrates and contains 4 calories per gram of protein, fat containing 9 calories per gram, the total energy per gram more, thus easier to control hunger and motivated to exercise, on the other hand, carbohydrate heavy diet can improve your blood sugar levels, and signal insulin secretion, leading to fat stores and more slowly.
It’s not someone who hates planning. Salter warns that while this diet is effective, it’s not for everyone. He said: “those who focus on high intensity exercise, anaerobic exercise person may has the most to gain from high carbohydrate diet, as a result of the movement of high strength relies heavily on the power of carbohydrate and strength.
It’s also not a good idea for those who hate planning. In addition to the limitations you have to remember, Salter notes that hydration is overlooked when it comes to the diet. This often leads to people giving up too soon (not to mention the negative effects of dehydration on your health). So preparation is key. “Consistently limiting carbohydrates can lead to the consumption of myoglycogen stores, which lose about three grams of water per gram of glycogen,” he said. Make sure you get a bottle of water at all times and make sure you drink enough throughout the day.
At the end of the day, it’s up to you. Yes, there is a list of health conditions, and if you encounter any one, you shouldn’t try the keto diet (including if you’re pregnant or have a gastric bypass). But some personal trainers like Sauerhoff think it would be better to avoid the keto diet altogether and try to eat a balanced diet. The golden rule: “pay attention to the quality and quantity of food, away from processed foods,” he said. And at the end of the day, consult your doctor or a nutritionist for a plan that works best for your lifestyle.


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