2017’s worst song


This is a rather tough year and 2017 may no longer need to be negative. But what better if we do not call out bad things? There is a critical friendship, a combination of experience that brings a collective feeling each time you hear Ed Sheeran’s voice on the radio in a taxi. So, let’s take a look at the combination of 2017 and the worst music of the same horrible year.
I admit: I can not stand Jack Paul, because this is the first time I am adult, I really believe that children love is horrible and wrong. And fucking love Jack Paul’s kid. This year in New York City, his junk “brand” has a “pop-up shop,” with children spanning thousands of blocks. This guy just hates his douchebag YouTube star as a neighbor and he is proud of himself in this half-dressed, half-joking fraternity. Children also speak like this ass clown. Then the song repeats: “This is the everyday brother / this is the everyday brother / this is the everyday brother.” I really believe this line represents the future of Jack Paul as the president’s dystopian.
Interestingly, 2017 is the same year, with Hip-hop Statistics as the most popular genre of music and the same year Ed Sheeran counts hip-hop destruction. You will see Sheeran’s name on this list because, to be honest, this may just be what Ed Sheeran destroyed this year (including the throne game!). Somehow, he deceived the entire universe by pretending to be a regular companion. But even that does not forgive his limous, loud, lyrical lyrics and songs that sound like someone in a college dorm, trying to show his friends to each party by playing guitar.

Katy Perry’s bad year this year, but her lows coincided with the lows of a year that prevailed in Migos. In BonAppétit, Katy Perry is a horny body. She is very hungry She wants to convey this feeling to you with subtle lyrics such as “La go to the spread of the buffet.” What is quite incredible is that this is a song that will immediately kill your libido and appetite in one fell swoop.
You almost have to respect Arcade Fire’s self-awareness: they must have realized how unbearable they are, so they are definitely doubling their PR cycle around Everything Now. Unfortunately, their personal brand looks like a distorted affair, the result is unbearable. At least they gave it a shot, but the launch of the song was as annoying and messy as the song, repeating the lyrics “Infinite Content, Infinite Content / Our Infinite Content.”
Of course, Eminem’s collaboration with Ed Sheeran was unexpected, but that’s not good. Throughout his career, Eminem has had some unexpected collaborations, but these collaborations often produce his most memorable, thought-provoking work. It is neither these things, but a sad attempt to attract young listeners who may never have heard of Eminem. This is Eminem’s machine and everything in Eminem’s early career shows that he is not. Really, at this point, I believe the choir – “I was a liar, a thief / a lover, a liar / all my sins need holy water, I feel it washed me” – more from Sheeran Mostly from Eminem.
Really hard to decide from a single Chainsmokers song from 2017 to include in this list. Is this the Paris Ballads “Are you studying abroad in one semester?” Or the Florida Georgia line of cooperation, for which some record companies, of course, worth placing a special place in hell? No, it’s “something like this,” which is pretty shameful for Coldplay and The Chainsmokers. Instead of listening to the song, simply imagine the same poem sung by Chris Martin over the past decade, plus a super-macho bass-drop chorus. repeat.
Someone at Camp Imagine Dragons ? believes it is a good idea to post “anyway” music videos – the entire band is overwhelmed by the floods, as most hurricanes in the southeastern United States have been hit by severe hurricanes. But that’s only half the question, because the actual song is a song composed of white folk songs, and I’m fairly certain that literally every other hungry imagination Dragon Choir.


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