Rap artist’s new Christmas album gave us some hope of holiday


In the first three days of Christmas 2016, Rapper and Jeremih put Christmas Lil’Mama down and there was no hope of a promising holiday album. This is the day of the Obama administration’s decline, with Trump hovering over the horizon. Chance and Jeremih gave optimistic gifts after an unbelievably hard year, and these gifts can not be bought and packaged during the holidays.

Well, the belief of the 2017 opportunity seems to survive. On Tuesday night he and Jeremih gave up the Merry Christmas Lil’Mama: Re-Wrapped, a gospel rap album with ten new songs and drums, from the owners of Common and Lena Waithe. One of them is the remix of “Strangers on the Table” last year.

It was a joyous album of hard times, just like “family as” a chance to meet his cousins ??out and eventually “scream” of fucking presidents like Marilyn Monroe. If this is not an encouraging image, I do not know what it is. Trump can suck the light out of the country, but he can not stop Chance from meeting his cousin and tells the president to fuck.
But for Chance, a positive attitude does not mean ignoring the status quo in our current country. In the astonishing “One Crying,” he rebuked:
Here, he is the feeling of many people now. Even if they are awaking this album, they are also remembered shameful Republican tax legislation. But the song is about the power and unity of the desperate times and holidays. A person can smile immediately, happy and optimistic. Maybe we should all try to get more chances at the holidays. This album is a good reminder. Maybe that’s why he ended the verse above: “Knowing that I was the last one last year, but we all know that you deserve the last tear.


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