The rap singer’s new Christmas album gives us some holiday hope


In the first three days of Christmas 2016, Rapper and Jeremih put the Christmas Lil’Mama down, and a promising holiday album didn’t seem to be. It was the day of the Obama administration’s decline, with trump hovering over the horizon. After an incredibly difficult year, Chance and Jeremih gave optimistic gifts that could not be bought and packed on holiday.
So the faith of chance in 2017 seems to have survived. On Tuesday night, he and Jeremih gave up their Christmas happiness Lil ‘Mama: re-wrapped, a Gospel rap album with 10 new songs and drums from Common and Lena Waithe’s owner. One of them was the remix of last year’s stranger on the table.

It’s a happy album in tough times, like “the family,” and the chance to meet his Cousins, who eventually “scream” the fucking President like Marilyn Monroe. If it’s not an inspiring image, I don’t know what it is. Trump can suck out the country’s light, but he can’t stop Chance meeting his cousin and telling the President the fuck.
But for Chance, a positive attitude does not mean ignoring the current state of our country. He’s a lot of people here. Even if they are waking up to the album, they are recalling the scandalous republican tax legislation. But this song is about the age of despair and the strength and unity of the holidays. A person can immediately smile, be happy and optimistic. Maybe we should all try to get a little more time in the festival. This album is a good reminder. Maybe that’s why he ended up saying, “you know I said this was the last one last year, but we all know that you deserve the last tear.


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