Why should you join the trend of high fashion Fanny pack


My first bum has legs. The legs of words. It has the fur of eyes, ears and polka spots, because it’s the shape of dalmatia, about 101. When my age is too small, don’t care about what people think of me, a few years later, I not only don’t willing to give up their own four feet lost purse friend on a sense of self, but also to avoid their mother.
Her black leather has a magnetic clasp. I can still remember every time I open and close the sound, it’s frequent. It lies in front and center of the hip, symbolizing the mother’s identity: money, house keys, and tissues. I swear I’ll never grow up, it looks like that. But looking back, it was actually a very chic and complicated Fanny pack, and everything was taken into account. Of course, we all grew up to be our mothers. Whether we like it or not.
But this summer, not only do I have to order a butt bag, I’ve shipped it overnight. In 2017, because like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Alexander Wang luxury fashion brands, and the like Kendall Jenner stars like adoption, they look like a young Carrie Bradshaws recently, so at this time, Fanny packing again.

The Fanny pack became popular at the fall 2016 men’s show and became mainstream fashion, and for the first time we found that they were a trend in the street style. The top is the brand’s choice, so when Louis Vuitton teamed up with street-style pioneer in the 2017 fall men’s show, accessories were finally handled by haute couture.
Gucci is not surprising at some point, but a Fanny pack will be displayed at some point. For Alexander Wang’s party girl, a Fanny bag is a perfect “hands-free” purse. Both brands include this accessory in the latest resort and the previous fall collection, and they will no doubt fly to the shelves.
Kendall jenner agreed. “The best place is the club,” she told W last month. “it allows your hands to be free and not afraid to lose things.
“I don’t feel like there’s a ‘worst place’ (wearing one),” responded her sister, Carrie jenner. Together they designed the latest brand of the same name. “We love the return of the buttocks!”
So, you have it: like we want, these are not our mother’s buns. But we may owe them an apology.


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