How to make the perfect crispy skin, but a happy fluffy breakfast potato


This is what you want for breakfast potato: a crisp outside, salty skin is broken, a soft, fluffy, the center of the viscosity, can sweep through an easy to egg yolk or nuts stood up a fork. This starts with the potatoes. Red potatoes have a creamy starch that is boiled before baking to ensure they are cooked evenly when crunchy in the oven. Keep the red b of the potatoes at about 1.5 inches in diameter and leave them all.
“You get a better texture because the starch is broken down like molten cake,” said Kevin Nashan, peace chef at the Sydney street cafe and st. Louis. He also recommends baked potatoes with fresh herbs, then processed with leeks and a little acid orange peel. “Lime, like any citrus, brings delicious acidity and unexpected warmth to the potatoes.”
If you like potato with potato, roast potatoes with garlic oil. Potatoes absorb oil and make the aroma go deeper. For garlic oil, use the remaining oil of roasted garlic, or simmer olive oil with a few garlic cloves until they are soft, but not brown. (you can do this while cooking the potatoes.)

2 pounds of small red b potatoes
The Angle of ink orchid
Fresh bay leaves
Olive oil or clarified butter
Leeks or spring Onions
Season and boil a pitcher of water. Add the potatoes and cook until about 10-15 minutes. (to reduce the morning’s work, take this step the night before.)
Dry potatoes and olive oil or clarified butter, salt, pepper and fresh herbs. Throw in a baking pan with a cast iron pan or edge and bake at 450 degrees until the skin is a crispy skin and the potato sticks to the center for about 20 to 30 minutes.
Take out of the oven and fold in chopped scallions or leeks and finish with a few slices of fresh lime.


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