I ate only tacos for a week, which makes me healthier


In early 2016, the Internet exploded, twitter, Instagrams and news reports about the purification of taco portend the latest and greatest diet of the year. Apparently this sounds like a ridiculous detox? There’s no way. It’s possible. But according to the author of Taco Cleanse, a diet based on tortillas is “proven to change your life”. This is a strange concept, in the last year so much popularity, even like Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Aniston) stars like all support this concept, so I decided to give it a test. But not without a few caveats.
Once, when I put my hands on a popular book, I decided to turn it into an interesting and accessible experience rather than a hard and arrogant experience. To be honest, I’m adamantly opposed to the 30-day vegetarian challenge. This is critical (who wants to look for soy bacon and add nutrients to the yeast?). It’s easy to screw up, if you’re not used to it. Plus, cheese is amazing. The same is true for eggs. But I did choose to eat half the vegan-style tacos just to prove it wasn’t a meat avoidance problem.
Nutrition and diet institute spokesman Jim White said: “even a registered dietitian agree to my point of view:” the vegetarian way of life is challenging, there is reason to become a vegetarian, but there are also disadvantages. “For the average consumer, temporary vegan diet would be very difficult, you may have many lack in your diet perfect diet habit, when you switch back to your daily diet. ”
So, with the knowledge of nutritionists, this is my entire week of eating only tacos:
The first day
It was Sunday, and after sleeping, I took full advantage of the brooklyn trip to find Tres Hermanos Taqueria in bushwick. It was hailed as one of the best places in the city, true burritos, and after digging up a pair of tortillas, I had to agree. I tried a carnitas (slow grilled pork) taco and an avocado burrito, which was piled up with shredded lettuce, tomatoes and cotija cheese. They were filled with everything I couldn’t do, including breakfast and lunch.
At dinner, I chose a second pair of delicious tacos. This time the shrimp and spicy, fragrant Fried sausage and typical quarxi fresco, lettuce, tomato, chili sauce, sour cream spread. They filled it with two layers of tortillas, making them so strong that I couldn’t even touch one side of the rice and the beans. There seems to be two magic Numbers here.
The second day
Because I haven’t bought groceries to make breakfast tacos (eek!). So skip breakfast. For the sake of the story – to make it as realistic as possible – I ventured to choose Chipotle for lunch, taking risks (and not having e. coli). It’s hard to make tacos for lunch at the office, and delivery is not.

My chickens, sofritas and barbacoa Fried tacos are fantastic, although the three taco parts are crazy. I survived to tell the story. That night, I walked into the kitchen after a snack station in trade business Joe, Fried shrimp and tomato tacos with Onions, garlic and fresh cabbage.
The third day
Finally, I had my first breakfast of tacos. According to Taco Cleanse, I applied the idea of the quesadilla to peanut butter and banana slices (and a little cinnamon sugar). Protein, fiber, potassium. I gave the bad boy half over and ran out of the door.
For lunch time, two tortillas are served with a bucket of spiced chicken, salted marchette and fresh piagro. Cactus fries on one side. I think I can get used to this and start picking the best taco spots for the night.
Dinner is the winner today. I brought my best friend to Manhattan’s lower east side Tijuana picnic, so we can get an order of tacos, share their two match Chicharrones gave her chicken burritos, two t-bone steak tacos and Asian style salad. According to the book, each of us has a black margarita. After this evening, I really (and naively) believed that taco food was basically completely sustainable.
The fourth day
This morning, I had an apple, brie and honey, with warm bread and butter tortilla wrapped, I recommend to all people, even if you don’t have to start your own tacos adventure a week long. It kept me full until lunch.
Around 2 p.m., I brought homemade avocado sauce and sharp cheddar cheese to the kitchen to make the black bean tacos. They are so fresh and warm, thanks for some lime and Himalayan salt. I was really surprised that I wasn’t tired of the tortillas, especially on the fourth day. But it’s probably because I’m not overly self-centered with traditional Mexican flavors at every meal.
At dinner, I cook the tofu for the first time and fry it until the edges are crisp. On two tortillas, I sprinkle the tofu with mango salad and fresh chili peppers. Sadly, my friends and I went home late at night, and I was so hungry that I immediately gobbled up the babies. I don’t have a picture of this beautiful.
The fifth day
This morning, I made my favorite breakfast of the week: salt and pepper scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes, avocado slices, Cholula chili sauce (my favorite) and mexican-blended cut cheese. This is the ultimate wake-up call to taco. I still think it’s honest.
Adjusting a recipe for this book, I made a few barha fish tacos and a red pepper roll with chili, cumin, orange juice and olive oil. These are so crisp and summer, my heart wants a third, but my stomach won’t have it. This is the first time I have tasted the taste of tek overload.
I ordered a tofu and a steak taco at the fast casual Mexican chain Blockheads in New York. (yes, I know it sounds the opposite.) Instead of eating rice and beans, I ordered a salad. As it turned out, I couldn’t even finish the two Fried tortillas, let alone the green vegetables I had barely touched. This is my turning point. But I know I can’t hold back. I eat some snacks from time to time and slowly break the soft shell of my soft shell in front of me. They have no problem – the pickled red pepper is a little sweet and brittle, and the roasted red pepper is a bit sweet but still smoky. That is me. I have reached my maximum capacity.
On the sixth day
At this point, I ate 24 tacos. I really don’t want to see another taco. So I completely avoided the idea of breakfast, but studied the news coverage of my work. Then, as I went to work, I updated what I call a taco diary, and last night’s dinner had more delays.
So, if you’re feeling awkward, that’s what you need to jump on to a trendy diet. Because it’s essentially a carrier of a healthy diet – take all your favorite foods and fold them into tortillas. After all, tacos make everything better.


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