Amu and beyonce just released an amazing new ballad


Eminem has always been the easiest to approach when emotions are emotional. Imagine Dido- featuring “Stan”, which is still one of the best music fragments of Eminem, even allowing Elton John to stand next to him. In fact, at the end of the “water walk”, the new song with beyonce even gave up Stan’s reference, highlighting the similarities between the two songs that were released over the course of 17 years.
In “walking on the water”, eminem looks back on his career, where he marveled at his longevity and talked about having blond hair from the back of his head. It’s as if he’s using “walking on the water” and “Stan” as a book block of an era, an impressive career snapshot. Although it is a music memoirs, but this is a beyonce song, because it is an eminem song, singer carrying half the weight of this song, singing the beautiful part-song “I walked on the water freeze”.

But given the softness of the song – it includes only a gentle grand piano – eminem is powerful, positive and memorable. It’s a reminder of what he is, yes, able. The song also broke through Eminem’s characters, media coverage and history, and the rapper described himself as a rubik’s cube, and Beyonce sang “I’m just human.”
Indeed, Eminem is as flawed and human as the rest of us, but still capable of making incredible things. “Walking on the water” is proof.


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