Brad paisley just showed the real heart of village music


The school was forced to settle its relationship with guns after terrorists opened fire on a group of people at a country music festival in Las Vegas, killing 58 people and injuring 546. A small number of artists public to change their stance on gun control, some people far away from the NRA country music propaganda department, Roseanne Cash on the New York times wrote a powerful gun control. Others, such as Kenny Alphin of the wealthy, declared their allegiance to firearms and the second amendment.
Guns are conflated with pro-american, even pro-freedom and pro-freedom, their deeply entrenched village music. But the genre faces a painful identity crisis. How to adjust your image without being too politicized or controversial?

Yesterday, the village music association, the governing body of the school, responded to the question: ignore it and keep silent. This morning, the Rolling Stones release on November 8 in Nashville to CMA awards guidelines, the media reporters to discuss “the tragedy of Las Vegas, gun rights, political parties or similar topic”.
Not long after, Brad Paisley, one of the most significant figures in the genre and co-host of the CMA awards, was dismayed by the trump-ian guidelines.
Ignoring or even silent in the industry is an absolutely wrong way to solve the gun control debate and what happens in Las Vegas. This fascism, the self-removal guide shows the fear of CMA’s problem. Even if the artists themselves talk openly about the issue of gun control, they worry that this type will lose contact with a more conservative base. It would be irresponsible to ignore the enduring impact of Las Vegas on rural music and the entire us in the CMA grand prix. This attitude perfectly represents a greater American struggle to control guns. At least musicians like paisley are brave enough to do the right thing and make progress on this issue. Change, progress, freedom of speech – these are the values of American voices. This is the real core of village music.


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