You may not know Lil Peep, but he represents a new generation of rap


Just three months after his first album was released, lilly watched the emotional rapper who grew up on a massive YouTube and SoundCloud following his death at the age of 21.
The law peep is said to have been overdone after being taken to hospital as guardian’s report. Rappers released a video several hours before his death, explaining that he had taken prescription drugs and other substances. “I’m fine, I’m not sick,” he said.
Lil Peep was born in GustavAhr on November 1, 1996. He was raised by a college professor’s father and the mother of a primary school teacher in long island, long island. He left la high school early to study music, where he used guitar and emotionally honest rap to make his early Internet splash. For two years, he has posted dozens of tracks online and received millions of plays, confused with the younger generation who are open to depression and the use of drugs.
In yesterday with apple music “Beats 1” Zane Lowe’s dialog, the musicians told me, Lil Peep represents the trend of 2017 musicians, they created a public dialogue about depression and mental health. “When you have an artist who reflects who has no problem, like Lil Peep, talk about his anxiety and depression,” Lowe said. “I think it’s very contemporary.”

The day before his death, in a tragic interview with apple’s music program Lowe, the host noted that Lil Peep’s transparency was related to drugs and anxiety, and he asked him how to deal with his reputation.
“Things could get worse if they had,” Lil Peep said. “Yes, things get worse, things get worse and worse every day.”
When Lowe asked his fans how he reacted to his lyrics, Peep added: “they always tell me that it helps them stay alive so that they don’t commit suicide.”
His music marks a new stage in rap, where guitar and emotional anxiety are central. Artists like Post Malone, Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert have adopted a punk rock approach to rap music, repackaged in the mall. It’s like the popular rap music in the Blink-182 era.
Though his face tattoo, pink hair and the flow may have been shaking like charlotte, but her skin represents a new era of this genre a charming – an artist who understand the challenge of his generation, not afraid of rap on them.


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