Meghan Markle vowed that this exercise class changed her body – so I tried it


Another studio in the former suit star is her Megaformer rehab studio, lagergo studio, which has locations in both Toronto and London’s new and old homes. And, fortunately, they just opened a new studio in New York City. So I went to Astoria to try Markle’s favorite sport.
I walked into The classroom a little smug – I did CrossFit four times a week, and other days, and I tried everything from Pure Barre to The Fhitting Room to Flywheel. But Megaformer class is a whole new animal.
Our class is led by Dede Lagree, who runs the main Lagree gym in Los Angeles with her husband, Sebastien. We’re using their brand new Megaformer 3K machine, which anyone who has tried pilates before can recognize. But the class put it on a level.
“Pilates is low intensity, low impact,” dede explains. “Megaformer is high intensity, low impact, so you’ll sweat immediately.”

Dede USES the lower body movement for the right movement. The goal is to keep moving, but slower is better, extra combustion. We started to squat, one foot on the fixed part of the machine, the other on the sliding platform, slowly moving our legs in and out. It. Is. The pain. We are only forging and already got the infamous “ragrik”. But it’s a good sign that our muscles are already working and burning.
“I think the first reason this is so challenging is because you’re using muscles, and if you do other exercises on the floor, you don’t activate your muscles,” dede explained to me. “You have to use your core, you have to use your leg muscles to help stabilize and you are practicing.”
We were able to move from an aggravated donkey to a sliding crouch for 30 minutes through more leg activities, and I (along with other students!) Had to rest often to calm my spastic muscles. From there, we continued our core work, such as skateboarding, and then completed our workout and arm weights with the Megaformer workout. Thankfully, I find arm movements fairly easy, which is the only reason why I do this 9 instead of 10.
Megaformer’s course is tough, but it’s definitely an amazing exercise (I have a pain in my leg today). You can burn 800 to 1,000 calories in a one-hour class, says dede, but calories burn for a few hours.
“It’s so slow because you’re using every muscle,” she says. “Even though your muscle fibers are being repaired slowly, your body is using energy, calories and stored sugar, so you really become a burning fat machine.
Conclusion: I’m sorry for this class. When we use Megaformer, we beg to go back to CrossFit WOD– but after 24 hours, I want to solve this problem again! Nothing is a good challenge.


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