Eminem’s four-minute freestyle is the best anti-trump song of the year


Eminem has a lot of things: an angry child, from a broken home, trailer park trash have no future, slim shadow, Marshall mather, a country’s untouchables, bad parents, pop stars and poets, drug users, a millionaire, also is one of the greatest rappers. In short, he always USES his art to improve absolute hell. In this sense, people can think he is almost the opposite of Donald trump – Donald trump is a rich, no consciousness, not wise, is likely to be illiterate clown, they all the way down, have a rapid development.
Putting them together is like the battle of titans – a powerful rhetoric and performance. Last night, Eminem proved that he would win any debate on Donald trump.
“But we’d better give Obama props, because we are now in the office is a kamikaze/could lead to nuclear holocaust and drama, he wait shit quiet/he will only his plane, fly to the bomb to stop,” eminem said. “Strength is higher and higher, the tone is more and more high/trump, when speaking of shit, you just like me stingy/unless you have the ball to me, you hide them, fucking crazy, just like an empty shelter. ”

He talked about Puerto Rico:
“But this is his form of distraction, and he got a great response to the NFL, the attack so we focus on this issue, rather than talking about reform of Puerto Rico or Nevada guns/all these terrible tragedy, he is very boring, and would rather make Twitter and packers storm. ”
Cheering Colin Kaepernick:
“Damn, this is for colin/raise a fist, and keep this shit, like Donald balled that bitch.
He told his trump supporters:
“And any one of my fans, he/his supporters, I am sand painting a line/you are either against/if you can’t decide who do you prefer, but rather division who you should be standing by/I can do this for you/fuck you. ”
It’s not clear how eminem’s brand will be in trump’s America. Like the struggling south park, it thrived on absurd and non-personal computers. But it is clear that eminem will continue to fight as usual, using his language to inspire people to be more capable of promoting hell.


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