How will the Las Vegas shoot affect the village music’s relationship with guns?


In a domestic terrorists killed at least 59 people and 23 semi-automatic weapons to kill more than 500 hours ago, Josh Abbott the band’s guitarist Caleb Keeter in Las Vegas 91 harvest festival staged an afternoon. When he set up, he was a pro-gunner, and the opinions would change the next morning.
“I have always been a supporter of the second amendment. Until what happened last night, “he tweeted in a short essay on Monday. “I can’t express my mistakes. We actually have our crew’s CHL plates and the legal guns on the buses. They’re useless. We can’t touch them, because the police might think we were part of the massacre and shot and killed. A small group (or a man) is desperate to help a city’s fearless police because of their exposure to crazy fire. Enough is enough.”
It’s a powerful statement that a musician is closely associated with a gun. In 2010, the national rifle association launched the NRA state, a propaganda department that softened the image of gun advocacy groups by working with artists such as Trace Adkins, Thomas Rhett and Gretchen Wilson. “The NRA countries through concerts and activities to celebrate these values, the concerts and activities make the military and veterans services organization, the first responder, conservation, gun safety plan and local charity organizations played an important role in the community.

But after Monday’s events, country artists are fitting themselves out of a pro-gun stance. On Monday morning, the music icon, Sheryl Crow, called for gun rules.
Tuesday morning, a national hero Johnny Cash (Johnny Cash) daughter Luo Sushan Johnny Cash (Roseanne Cash) and long-term gun-control activists in the “New York times” in this column to encourage “music artists more countries and the United States to end your silence. You’re quietly separate, and the laws that the NRA will pass are a threat to you, your fans, and our favorite concerts and music festivals.
Luke kames of the NRA country also during the filming of the festival, and has been actively receiving interviews and calling for donations for victims. Although he has not a public statement of guns, but last night he was Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel), and on twitter said: “in this kind of overwhelming darkness, I believe that together we will find hope. He also spoke about the horrors of Sunday’s massacre.
But others, such as Kenny Alphin of Big&Rich, on Sunday, will soon defend the gun.
“I don’t believe it’s such a weapon,” alfin told USA today. “I don’t think it’s gun control or gun control, I think it’s a fight in the hearts of the people. I think that’s the real battle line. It’s just good and evil. As we’ve seen over and over again, it’s not just guns. We’ve seen everything from shoe bombs to underwear bombs… It has radically changed the way we move around our country, with fewer borders. If a person wants to do something to hurt a lot of people, if a person has this thing in mind, whether they have a gun or not, they will try to do it. ”
Because guns are pro-american, even pro-military and pro-liberal, they are deeply rooted in rural music. While this moment provides an unfortunate moment to re-examine the nation’s relationship with guns, it is also a reflection of how they are portrayed in our culture. If there is at least one country artist, even one fan, this is a step in the right direction.


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