Maroon 5 shocked learning the band’s new album title is a phrase for a man’s right


Maroon 5, your aunt’s favorite band, looks like a nice bunch of boys. It consists of the vocal judge Adam Levine and four other musicians. Their music is popular, safe and easy. I don’t know about the other four, but levin – who has a suspicious tattoo and expensive house, no toilet paper – is a democrat who certainly hasn’t voted for Donald trump.
And because the band don’t have any public political or especially exciting or extreme characteristics, so they will have their new album “Red Pill Blues” written in a shocking works – it appears to contain a Men ‘s right activists. The word “red pill” is a reference to the “matrix”, used by asshole misogynous, who say they have woken up to the fact that women are evil. This is some depressing, dark shit.

Maroon 5 is also a surprise, and their new album name is a reference to this stupid term. Death and taxes went to the band to see what the deal was, and they didn’t know it was there:
The title refers to the term popularized in the matrix. There was never a band’s intention to refer to anything else. The band was shocked, even in this situation.
Do you have it. Maroon 5 is not men’s rights activists, they just five as the matrix of the handsome boy, when they think of these, does not have its own album title, completely unaware of the worst part of the Internet. Good luck to Maroon 5.


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