Rachel Roddy’s Christmas dinner recipe


His first real pantomime I saw cut in, remember, when I was ten, nobody in my family is incredibly still remember what mime, only a colleague of my father is in sound effects, this involves he bumped together, coconut shell wings, while his wife PAM is playing a role called fairy. I remember that I didn’t choose to take the stage like a lucky one on stage, but instead grabbed two candies thrown into the audience and delighted many children who had been electrified. A few years later, when my brother Ben played the evil wizard at the Grays pantomime in Essex, my family got our own pantomime. He played for 10 years of comic character, until the unique sadness gone after Ben Dave Lee (Dave Lee) is wearing a dress and a pair of DM boots, in Canterbury (Canterbury) played the role of Notre Dame. He never looked back – even after someone was behind him.
This is not an advertisement for my brother or his pantomime, sold out months ago. I mentioned it because we are put our suitcases filled with Italian festival pastries and Parmesan cheese, and this Christmas go back to the UK, this means that we need to see this Mrs Smith in Peter pan. This is a family outing, part of Christmas, such as meat pies and found the orange at the bottom of the socks, to sing and listen to the mother in the kitchen just as important as Christmas, too much with merry Christmas slade express Ed walker.
Besides, from the outing, there was some Christmas pantomime about it — its scenes and rituals, so familiar that they could almost copy the scripted meal without improvisation. Some fragments, terrible jokes, a huge, delicate kitchen scene, may or may not involve throw food, dancing, singing, good and evil, a heart and fight scenes, have a good ending.
For many of us, Christmas cooking has long-term decisions, for many years to collect a series of recipes, because they are good, reliable, or just part of the family – soaked by memories become a trivial things. When you read this, it will be a few days before Christmas. You are most likely to complete shopping, probably most of the preparation. However, I have some Suggestions that might apply to larger projects. They are attributed to Christmas, all is for the family, friends, recipes, writer and television chef, everyone enjoys the same position – aunt Edith’s this statement, Jane’s bread sauce, from Josceline Dimbleby chopped nigel brandy butter pie, follow three best quality street chasers, finally a filling out of it.
Here are all the recipes I made during the Christmas season. An appetising toast, preferably with a carbonated drink. A Christmas salad can start a meal, but it can also be a pleasure to complete a meal, or a meal with a cookie and more cheese. I suggest that a lot of delicious beans and bacon, and some fruit, because if there is no Christmas is not a Christmas, Christmas if no one else, I’ll eat it all, and welcome those fart jokes. There are, of course, small things, because everyone loves a small thing – none is better than my grandmother, Phyllis and Alice. My grandfather too – missed it a lot. They all like to read Ben, watch their bloomers and watch all of our great-grandchildren in all of our movies. Oh, yes, they do! Merry Christmas.

Anna’s chicken liver sauce
A bottle serves many people. This is my advice, from the unique andel conte “toasted bread”. Classic Tuscan formula change, in brief is to fry the celery and parsley Fried chicken liver, then used anchovies, capers and sage seasoning, and then mixed into velvet full-bodied, fruity with butter, or rich cognac version. It can be spread on any kind of toast, but Anna’s Italian toast, or French toast, dip in with olive oil and bake until golden brown, this is a good choice, you can slice and roast a broader market. Two sets of hands are a great idea, because you want to iron them on cr cr, and then iron them.
A jar
400 grams of loose chicken liver
4 tablespoons olive oil a teaspoon
Celery, chopped
Shallot, chopped
Chop garlic
1 teaspoon chopped sage
1 tablespoon tomato sauce
100ml dry white wine
Salt and black pepper
1 tablespoon of capers, chopped
4 anch fish slices, chopped
25 grams of butter, plus used for sealing
French bread and butter.
1 trim the liver cartilage and fat, wash and pat dry.
2 warm oil on the frying pan, gently to celery, leek, garlic and stir-fry, sage until soft – about 8 minutes – then add the chicken liver, cooking – not fry – very gently until losing pink.
Add 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce, stir, slightly increase heat, add wine and cook until the wine evaporates. Season to taste.
Remove from the heat and add capers and anchovies. Now you can transfer the mixture to a circuit board and cut or fry it roughly with the food processor, but you don’t want to erase the texture as long as the pulse is short. Pour the mixture into the pan, add the butter and cook gently for 2 minutes. At this point, you can put the pie in a large jar and seal it with melted butter.
When you are ready to eat, cut the bread into slices and brush with olive oil until golden. After baking, use soy sauce to serve.
Rachel’s chicory, fennel, pear, walnuts and gorgonzo salad
The salad was well dressed. Bitter leaves, sliced fruit, nuts and blue cheese are good partners, not news. However, I have never seen such a combination, so I call it my invention. The little things are important: the leaves should be ripped into small pieces, ripe, but not mushy, cut into manageable pieces; The dressing should be sharp and not angry – sherry vinegar or vinegar or sweet vinegar is good.


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