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Hong Kong institute of vocational education of our daily angry today: singer, decision – after repeated consider – from the book, cancelled her concert in Israel BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) supporters. Cutting a right-wing American rabbi, a full-page advertisement in the Washington post denouncing her as anti-semitic and responsible for the entire foreign policy of New Zealand.
All of this seems a bit harsh – hopefully a 21-year-old child has a complete opinion of what she admits she doesn’t know much about. This is a woman who sang her first album, never on a plane. This woman is also one of the best album in 2017, so whenever the global political events, may not have much time to refresh her news application (and this is many times). It’s a woman who thinks for a while, seeks advice and then makes a decision she thinks best.
I’m not sure Lord Lord should be the rage point here. However, a lot of times, music seems to make it a neck. So here are some tips for besieging artists around geopolitical or social issues.
The Middle East conflict
“Middle East” itself is a strange word, because even not on the map (the “British empire”), but when the President of the United States is a country called “Nambia”, geographical low accuracy standard has been set. The first is the israeli-palestinian conflict, and if you don’t know much, it’s best to avoid it. Don’t write an “interpreter” to solve almost all errors, as Vox once wrote, and invent a bridge that doesn’t exist.
So it is with Syria and its neighbours. There are many factions and factions everywhere: the PKK, YPG, SDF, PYD, KCK, which cover almost the entire alphabet, and sometimes hard to track “good people” and “bad guys”. That’s because, you know, this conflict is more complicated than this, and it’s hard to make a slogan for some travel products.
Many pop stars seem to have a blind spot when they agree to perform at the birthday party, wedding, party (probably not the last) of the dictator’s relatives. An absolute dictator. Not even the humble dictator, but a heavily armed tyrant. I don’t understand why the singer was so attracted, like jumping out of a piece of cake at pol pot’s summer revelry, but they were. Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Sting, and Kanye West have all performed for suspicious characters. If you screw up, do something decent and donate the proceeds to charity. (such as Beyonce, Usher, Mariah Carey and Nelly Furtado all say they performed for the gaddafi family.)

The party’s political
One of the most striking differences between the President and President trump’s inauguration is that, apart from the size of the crowd, it is clearly the quality of acting talent. Obama had: beyonce, Bruce springsteen, Steve marvel, Arthur and many others. Trump has some dude in a cowboy hat I’ve never heard of. In fact there are a lot of pop stars called on politicians in the case of unauthorized use their songs, but I prefer those who took Brenda from Bristol in pop singers (” too much politics!” ). See the girl loudly, one of the best girl groups ever:
“David Cameron says he fantasized about me. He just wants to be cool… Do I like him? No! Politicians should stop trying to get cold and keep running. “Indeed, Cheryl.
Remember when Ariana Grande, the 23-year-old pop superstar, became a target of humiliation after a terrorist attack on her concert? Because it was obvious that it was not a thing to be involved in a terrible bombing, even though she had already said how sad she was.
When grandad organized a free concert of interest two weeks later, those people (piers Morgan apparently) soon had to grind their teeth. Too fast! Other people say. Interestingly grande in dealing with this matter has attracted so much negative attention, and death metal band lead singer’s remark on the Muslim celebration in the street and Bataclan employees associated with terrorists and comments have been ignored. Either way, I can’t offer a lot of advice on this, because it’s all bad.
Sexual politics
Your role model here (and everything) is Beyonce. Beyonce (Beyonce) from the author Chimamanda Dr. Okonjo-iweala Adichie FEMINIST articles extracted without blemish, and at the awards ceremony performed this song, and behind her shows a huge neon sign FEMINIST. She did all this and was still criticized for her stingy clothes because of men. In 2017, Taylor Swift takes a break from the music recording of the voodoo doll, bringing an impulsive person and treating him as a symbolic $1. That’s not bad.
When it comes to LGBT stands, early Allies like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper provide a good example. Macklemore rappers, although he is a forthright, but has always been a LGBT rights activist, wrote quite lovely same-sex marriage and Same Love lyrics, postal vote on this problem in Australia before the performance.


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