How to enjoy dessert like a fitness expert


You can assume that fitness experts cut sugar and trans fats from their diets to keep them clean, healthy, and healthy in order to be at their best. They didn’t. Just like everyone has taste buds and appetites, healthy people tend to indulge. So why not? They have won. The desserts allow them to at least temporarily get rid of dietary restrictions.
The running coach’s dessert
Roberto Mandje is a New York runner training and education manager. During his post-olympic career, he runs 30 to 60 miles a week and trains others.
Avocado and cocoa pudding; Fruit smoothie
I don’t have a snack. Why limit yourself? First, because I am now a father, I mixed the two avocados with raw cocoa and made an amazing cream chocolate pudding. Sometimes my wife and I freeze them – they make lollipops for our 2-year-old in the summer. Because of the nature of chocolate and the noise of the blender, I call these chocolate mines. Also Chocovado Popsicle, for obvious reasons. The second is “Fruitkenstein”, which is a mixture of various smoothies. I like to mix the fruit together and toss them in the blender. I use bananas, mangoes, pineapple, oranges and grapes. I feel like a mad scientist experimenting with mixtures.
I have a sweetheart who must be satisfied, but I also want to set a good and healthy example for my daughter. By having one (or two) of these desserts, I got checked two boxes: health/health care and sweet/salty. Another reason is that I like to make my own desserts and store them later. When craving a delicious food, I can reach into the refrigerator and answer the phone.
He indulged many times: over the weekend, because usually when I had more time to prepare a variety of treats and share them with my daughter. Or every other day or so. I never stay away from snacks.

Cyc coach’s dessert
Marc Cohen is a lecturer at Cyc Fitness in New York. He teaches 45 minutes of high energy per week, indoor, rhythm-based bikes (i.e., stationary bike synchronization, music).
No bran chocolate chip cookies
If I could live on chocolate chip cookies, I would. But I’m very picky about my cookies. You won’t find me eating chips! Or any high fructose corn syrup. If I want to be “healthy,” I’m just a little indulgent, and I stick to Tate’s gluten-free chocolate biscuits. I’ll have two or three snacks. But if I do feel like I’m going to treat myself, I’ll go to one of my favorite cookies in New York: Schmackary’s or City Cakes. Schmackary’s is a perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness, and I love the salty flavor that it brings. The city cake makes a huge half-pound cookie, and I usually just eat half of it and taste the rest the next day. It’s not too much of a dough. It’s not too hard. It’s probably the most perfect cookie I’ve ever had. My mouth is watering now. I like them very much. Can’t prove my love.
He indulged many times: not often. Maybe every few weeks or so. Sometimes less. I’ve been trying to cut the gluten and dairy products from my diet, but one time I got a craving and now I think I’ll make a city cake this week. So thank you!
A yoga dessert
Kumi Sawyers is a Yoga instructor at Sky Ting Yoga in New York. She teach lessons based on arrangement of vinyasa, focused on building good form and the coordination of breathing and movement, in order to create more physical space, so everything can adapt and proper internal functions.
Vanilla strawberry ice cream; No bran chocolate chip cookies
I love desserts, but sadly I have a gluten allergy, so it can be challenging. More time is not the dessert that I sit at the table, watching all my friends enjoy what I wish I could eat. But my sweet tooth always makes me hunt for tasty gluten-free desserts, so I get my fill. My approach is simple: the vanilla ice cream haagen-dazs strawberry slices and Tates gluten free chocolate biscuits, help to scoop up.
How long she was obsessed: I might have dessert for a week. I have a sweetheart, but most of the time after I finish my dinner, I’m full of desserts. To be honest, it’s not something I watch. I have a healthy relationship with food and believe I made a good choice when I was making sugar.


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