Young Dolph, rapper dodge death: “I’ve been fixed since I was 17.”


After Instagram in November, jan doffer, the American rapper rare success story, reclined on the throne. He threw his left leg on a golden arm in the chair. In his right arm is a custom gucci sling with a red edge. The older Instagrams show Dolph wearing a bandage at the Los Angeles hospital, and then arm sling to visit a jeweler. But for this self-portrait, Shared with his 2.5 million followers, the hospital problem is not. “My arm was shot,” he said, “but, well, let me quickly gnaw at your dog.”
For a never thought regard music as a viable career choice person (” I am from Memphis, you know I’ve always wanted to pimp “, in his 2017 “on the river”), Dolph right boasting about his all for the past six years starting in 2016, issued the Billboard album chart. His new album “Thinking out Loud” became his record high in the top 20 in October. The release also showed that in September, in broad daylight it was shot dead, and it was said that there was nothing to stop Dolph from returning to work because of a beef stew with another Memphis rapper.
At the Execs studio on the streets of Atlanta, Dolph (no sling this time, with little ring gadgets) and his staff watch the falcons football match. Dolph has been in the city for a few years, but his heart is still in Memphis, and while Three six Mafia won the 2006 oscars, their contribution to music is often overlooked. Memphis is a place where Dolph was born Adorph Thornton Jr. and learned to be self-sufficient. Because his parents were obsessed with cracking, one of his grandmothers took care of his sisters in Chicago, while the other watched from dov and his brother in Memphis. As the oldest son of Thornton, all of dorff wanted to serve his family. From his point of view, he saw only one road south of the city’s tourist attractions.
“Busyness – you’ve seen it for so long, you get involved,” Dolph says. “There are two smokes, mulan and castalia; I went to yulan elementary school. There was a smooth nut – all the kastriya kids went to magnolia. “The dog poop had already started,” he explained. “Even if you leave the school, you have to go through two stores and corners, everything is going on, or walking on the long donkey’s boring street, going home. Of course, everyone’s grandmother and parents like it and don’t go through that corner. But we want to go where we are. We see this living hell in four, five, sixth grade.
“I just always wanted money,” he continued. “I told my grandmother long ago that I was going out with my mom and dad. I was a little boy who said that shit. I never really didn’t have a dad, just the way the streets were, and I gave them the games that their dad should give them, on these tapes and lyrics. My whole thing is to give these people real things. ”
Dolph has been releasing mixtapes since 2008, when he was swimming with his friends. “It can be in a place, it can be trapped, it can drive in a car – we’re just around the fucking perimeter.” Today he takes great faith in biting him, and how he is now on the fifth avenue in the store. As he said in “my system,” from last year’s Rich Crack Baby mixtape, “when I was 12, I entered my music system and never exported it. Like Atlanta rapper Jeezy, Dolph doesn’t want to be smart. “I’d rather motivate people all day,” he says. “For me, it’s the eternal music.”
By 2014, Dolph is touring small cities like Pensacola, Florida, with a weekly income of up to $72,000 (53,000 pounds). In the song, he touted self-made millionaires, such as master P, the founder of infinite records, whose real rap and entrepreneurial spirit stood out in the late 1990s. “P says his dog poop exists,” Dolph said. “The game is set up near where you need the record company. But now you don’t know.
Dolph issues music on his brand Paper Route Empire. He has rejected a major label deal of up to $12 million, though he insists he has an option. It has been reported that since at least 2014, this independent success has become a source of domestic tension, while rap scenes – perhaps fake – have been seen as violent. According to Dolph, Memphis rap, behind the main American charts, has knocked out the DM and Rake It Up, and once tried to sign the Dolph in his CMG version. On the New York radio show “breakfast club”, he said Gotti was hiding his signature behind it (” that’s not how I kept it “). But Dolph also believes that he invested $3 million in Paper Route Empire, and Gotti didn’t match the CMG offer.

A sly disagreement between the two began. In February, Dolph dropped the Play Wit Yo Bitch, and he became ugly and gay about the so-called failed deals. A few weeks later, the shooter took aim at an SUV in charlotte, north Carolina, then showed up at Young Dolph club and sprayed the car with a bullet. The night became a rapper part of the legend, he was recorded in just three days and released his album Bulletproof – this picture shows a smiling Dolph stand where many scattered shells. The song features “100 Shots” and Dolph scoffs: “how the hell did you miss a hundred Shots?” He replied that his SUV was a $300, 000 customized bulletproof vehicle. Charlotte police told the guardian that the “no more than 50” bullets they had been working on at the scene had not been determined if Dolph was involved. In may, the CMG’s signature Blac Youngsta released a video in 2016, and he and his team brandished their guns at the time they mocked Dolph and handed themselves over to the police. A lawyer for braque said police found a van that had been rented in a black name, but had been stolen. “I’m not a fire,” said braque. “I didn’t see anything. I didn’t do anything.” He was released in a few hours.
Then, on September 26, Dolph was shot dead outside the Loews Hollywood hotel in Los Angeles. He fell down and went back to a shoe shop for help. “I knew I was shot, but I didn’t know I was shot three times, two on my legs, one on my arm,” Dolph said. “I see so much blood, I sit on the wall. I’m really paranoid because I don’t know if I’ve had a drink [codeine].
Gotti’s entourage lives in Loews, and a 43-year-old man, Corey McClendon, was arrested at the scene shortly after the police released him two days later. McClendon had a history with Gotti: in 2010, after a verbal argument between Gotti and another local rapper, OG Boo Dirty, two men turned themselves in after a shooting at a Memphis club parking lot. Despite initial reports, Gotti has never been officially named as interested in the 2017 shooting.
“I thought I was going to be there for two days,” dorff said, later in the hospital. “That’s what I was thinking: forget this asshole and turn my back on my shit.” But he spent two weeks in the hospital, even filming his “trust me” part of video, his flash watch and his patient’s wristband close-up. “I’ve been targeted since 17,18, 19,” he said. “All I know is that I’m fine.”
Gotti vowed he didn’t understand Dolph’s complaints. “I really have no problem. I don’t really think about intimacy. “I just thought it was marketing,” he told the breakfast club radio show. But when asked if he regrets the Play Wit Yo Bitch, Dolph shook his head, turned around and turned around.
There is nothing wrong, he said, and 2017 is not a life-changing year for him. When he was nine years old, he saw a man shot dead in his grandmother’s window. Dolph turned that memory into one of the most difficult lines in the book, which allowed him to start charging up to $20,000 for a nightclub performance. His new album “Thinking Out Loud” ends here with a “While U” story about cherishing loved ones.
Dolph never thought about why people tried to hunt him down. “You must ask them. But I am not a person living in fear. You have some people who are really worried about this shit. I don’t do that. “He said he had a music record and wanted to photograph a straight Compton style biography, plus he had two children to take care of. “I want them to remain loyal to themselves and not to do what I want them to do,” he said. “They’re not like me. They came to the world by chance. ”
A week before Christmas, Dolph showed up at the Rolling Loud music festival in San Bernadino, calif. – the camera showed him not walking from the trailer to the stage, but an ambulance. He may never understand why people follow him, but he knows he’s wearing Gucci straps.


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