Feel and sexy: dior embraces female artists while saint Laurent shines


Career is closely intwined dior and Yves Saint Laurent in the 1950 s, but in their name in megabrands – both in Paris on Tuesday showed their spring/summer 2018 collection – has grown quite different ways.
In dior, the tone is a copy of Linda Nochlin’s groundbreaking 1971 feminist essay why there are no great female artists? Stay in each seat. This paper on the history of art and patriarchy became a key part of the exhibit, and its title was used as a slogan for the first model of the Brittany T-shirt worn by the model.
Exploration of the rights of the women has a special resonance in dior creation, founder of the Christian dior in “New” (New Look) in the postwar era to reshape the female temperament, and recently appointed a 70 – year history of the first female creative director, Maria, zia curry (Maria Grazia Chiuri).
The exhibition in the artist nicky DE Saint peleg (Niki DE Saint Phalle) in the second high eyebrow reference, also has a lot of his aesthetics characteristic, with her bright colored sculptures and mirror Mosaic echoed throughout the series as the theme of the design. “She’s a rebel,” Chiuri said. “She is a very revolutionary woman. What really inspires her is herself.”
Saints, peleg (Saint Phalle own clothes consciousness – her trademark small blue berets appeared at the fashion show, Adams on Wednesday can also be seen in the clothing, such as wearing black bodice striped shirt, more time. Here there are a lot of feeling a little Beetlejuice, including coats and bags of checkerboard pattern and black and white stripes knee-high socks and trim with dior brand hot pants, you can see, has become a granite zia Chiuri dior phone CARDS.

This is not the first time Chiuri has created a feminist T-shirt: her first appearance was “we should all be feminists” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Chiuri silhouette is often straightforward flattery – the top bodice with layered tulle skirt waist – rather than the height of those awkward style design, the key to winning in the rest of the housing.
She has received some key conveniences, but she has stuck to her trademark standards. As well as the reference, her brand information is direct, optimistic and fans by consumers around the world, such as those sitting in eager dior beret took photos of Linda Nochlin’s article covers and posted on the sets.
Backstage, Chiuri’s description of the relationship between women’s lives and clothes is compelling: “sometimes we think fashion changes women, but what really happens is the opposite. Women change, so fashions change. ”
Late Tuesday, the launch of saint Laurent’s spring/summer 2018 series was more like an incredible fashion science fiction film than a fashion show. It took place outside an epic runway built in the historic waldorf square in Paris. The Eiffel Tower illuminates the background, sparkles, and the dry ice floats in the air.
However, it is these guests really brought exotic to litigation, however, the brand’s fans, such as Lenny Kravitz and Lou Doillon, wearing clothing, including shining black tuxedo, shiny silver collar, with high heels thighs silver tees and extend the crystal shoulder high boots mini dress to their wearer power dresser air between galaxies.
Yves saint Laurent three seasons of the creative director Anthony, mayor of (Anthony Vaccarello) in describing his collection of more emotional than Dior (Dior) counterparts, described the yves saint Laurent women as “a black angel, with a black angel, asphalt as shine after the rain”.
In an actual record, that means a few days of leg (Kering and LVMH’s agreement to stop using zero model – and minor model on the catwalk and advertising activities does not seem to lead to a lot of diversity) and piracy skirt silhouette with blouson jacket off brilliant – if it’s hard to imagine in store – huge, influence of bubble dress parade in the 80 s.
Each seat has bid to yves saint Laurent’s former lover and lifelong honor’s business partner Pierre Berge, he attended the yves saint Laurent in February fashion show, but in September, died at the age of 86.


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