The New York museum of modern art is embracing fashion for the second time


What happens when you put a pair of Spanx in a museum? They began to talk. Ambitious project: stylish and modern? The museum of modern art in New York (MoMA) presents a series of ordinary clothes in a conversation with itself, the other and the wearer.
This is only the second time the New York institution has focused on clothing. The last time was in 1944, when the famous architect and designer rudolph ‘(Bernard Rudofsky) poses a question and poor method, what he calls “the most people aesthetic consciousness field, no matter good or bad”.
Does the show ask “modern clothes”? Item: fashion modern? The museum of modern art is put forward a series of the more interesting question: is not whether it is modern, but how it works, how it shapes our, the most strange is, how it is working as a system. To this end, the exhibition through 111 kinds of wise choice “typology” to consider clothing at the end of the 100, like modest spanoulis Knox (Spanx), on the basis of the plain: Speedos, safety pins, headscarves and headphones are given the respect and illuminates the membership fees.
Many of these types give us a future version, as well as their historical version. A little black dress, for example, beyond the Chanel (Chanel) and Dior, Dior’s glamour model, finally to “the little black dress (death)” (a kind of use cause the color ink into “touch” response to the grieving relatives through the body heat transfer of color from black to white.

The key premise of the exhibition, that fashion is a form of design, is axiomatic rather than radical, yet art institutions remain wary of a subject still suspected of being frivolous or purely commercial.
As the curator Paola Antonelli puts it: “23 years ago, the museum of modern art really came and noticed that there was no fashion. Grew up in milan, fashion is a part of life, although I have never thought of the museum of modern art should be a metropolitan collection, the Victoria and Albert have – this is not what we do – I still think there are some clothes, like Levi 501 white T-shirt. ”
Anton, began to keep a “change the world clothing” private list, when the news spread to the list of the director of the museum, glen lowry, he suggested that Anton, establish an exhibition.
“The goal is to let the world know that without fashion you can’t have the history of modern design,” says antonelli. Second, let people notice its existence. Recognize that they have or desire to have and see them in a different way because they are in the museum.
Rudolph, 1944 performances including an uneven floor (” it keeps our feet touch sensitivity, flat surface and modern shoes is destroyed “), and at the exit of the mirror, forcing participants with yourself. Modern? It is less popular in its methods, but more interested in the associative and collective nature of clothing. It is also a political act.
One item, a red football jersey called Kaepernick, was bought more than a year ago. In the past few days, however, as more and more American athletes to follow American football player Colin Kaepernick role models, and knelt down protests during the national anthem Donald Trump (Donald Trump) under the racial inequality, the costume carries huge new symbolic freight. As antonelli said: “design is political, unless you have a purposeful effort to pull it out of politics, and we never do it. It’s all about human history, history is always about politics. “


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