What is the focus of exercise after 40 years of age?


When our bodies suddenly could not do what they had done before, we arrived at a certain time. Whether in the bedroom, gym, or from the bar rehabilitation, the ultimate relentless parade, let us miss. But should we expect more from our aging self? Mr. residents of the elderly to discuss.
The last day I played volleyball. I do not remember when it was – how many summer days ago? – Because at the time I did not know that this was my last time playing volleyball. I jumped up and rushed into the meadow, then I might feel sore, but I’m sure there is one thing I thought it was the day: that’s fun. I can not wait to do it again, and since I am invincible, I will certainly do so. Then I never did that before.

There are all sorts of last days – for example, most people may not know when their gender day arrives, but it will certainly come, which is sad but it is inevitable. Although I’d love to play volleyball again, this idea made me backache, and I just knew it could keep me lying on the couch for a few days. hateful.

Is there anything you can not do with your body more?
Shortly after I moved to Los Angeles in my early thirties, I decided to take my first triathlon. I need some new tricks and suddenly after 10 years in New York City a SoCal healthy lifestyle feels achievable. I registered the Wildflower Triathlon in San Luis Obispo, one of the most popular and challenging endurance events of the year. This is a life-changing person. I am a person who can not be done in January. After a disciplined and careful training, I am a May person. I crossed the finish line with joyful tears so much that I would never forget this – Augusta “Boston” PA explosion. I swear that year and this year every year to do so. I did marathon, half marathon, 10Ks, all the fun way to run. Do everything possible, I have become a sign of these things.

For the past two years, I have not been able to make the Wildflowers triathlon, because of the drought in California, the lake once used to swim has disappeared. Disappeared. The last thing I did three years ago, they moved their swim to a different lake, so to go to your bike, you had to run two miles – literally across the lake. You have not even been able to do this in the last few years. As there is no lake, triathlon canceled.

“I thought that day was like that, it was funny, I could not wait, I would doubtless do it because I was invincible, and I never did that.” – Luke
Since then, I have hit forty-five or so. If I want to run more than four miles, I have to wear these things to prevent my knees from scratching my tibia. If I want to travel long distances, I have to bring fruit snacks so I will not faint. Since 2015, I have not had beer in my hands. (Michelob Ultra, apparently) I have to think Triathlon may be my past thing.

We are talking about this now because I just heard that last winter’s rainfall was enough to bring the lake back to this spring. Wildflowers Triathlon will comeback in 2018. Training as a 46-year-old will be an entirely different beast than a 32-year-old. I will have to invest in a MedicAlert necklace and may train my dog ??to be a serving animal.

But I have to do that. Correct?

I do not know if you should, or even should. Yes, of course, there are a variety of people who are able to stay active and have the athletic ability to reach their fifties and 60s, and I believe we all crave, but Triathlon and other public and fitness performance has never attracted me personally – Nobody wants to be a marathon guy. Everyone’s brain worm is different.

I wrote down the fight I had been making here during this summer of obsessive compulsions, and since then I’ve heard dozens of people who deal with something like that or something that resonates with them. That’s great. Although I can not say that I have “cured” or that I have spent so many days, I can say that I have taken some rest days! It is not because I have epiphany or something, but because I must. Now for a few days, when I suffer from repeated pains that hurt too much, do anything. For example, I recently went out to dinner after the band rehearsal, and after hours of screaming and singing, I began to cough violently like a pizza. My whole upper left abdomen tried to break away from my body. This is really scary, but also very strange and embarrassing. I think I now have to add singing and coughing to the list that I will not be able to do safely anymore. What a fuck?

But my point is: you should be triathlon, but only you can.

Maybe it’s a bit different from you because you live in Los Angeles but are your age friends still active?
Did you know that we actually did it? We will take the bike out on a warm Saturday afternoon. We’ll be together for a few miles along the beach. In general, we can have dinner as an unsupervised adolescent without feeling guilty.
We are also at the age of trying professional sports stadiums. Most of us flirt with CrossFit and are eventually released on bail because of injury or expense (or in my case, the Milo brothers loudly say politics are too loud). So now we are trying new things. Josh is entering yoga. Irene is hot spinning. I was doing something called Training Mate, a Curves circuit gym (or I was told that as a man I would never be allowed inside Curves), but the gimmick – gymmick ? – All coaches are hot former Australian rugby players. I may no longer rely on discipline to let me through the gym door, but I hope to see a suitable Australian shorts will never let me down.

The training partner sounds like the sneaker I can get at Topshop.

WOD or mountain biking along the Pacific Coast Highway does not require tax, but it is a hard job. It completed the work, I can see myself doing … Fifty years old? I can not answer what I will do.

I’m not proud of it: In the first Triathlon event, as I approached the finish line, I saw an older man 25 yards bigger than me. If he is a day, this guy is 70, and he tried his best to fight hard toward the finish line. The crowd gathered behind him, cheering. I said to myself: I have to beat this old guy. So I dug deeply and then I rushed over and blows him a few feet from the end, and I still hate it.

“I may no longer rely on discipline to let me through the gym door, but I hope to see the desire of a suitable Australian shorts will never let me down.-Dave

Then I thought for a moment and found that at the age of seventy, his wave probably started after me 25 minutes. The old guy hit my pants despite having ended theatrical performances.

So you can do it. If you want, you can promote your life. Only at some point, this will be your full focus. Difficult lifestyle and nutrition decisions will have to be made and persisted. It is no longer a hobby, it
Must be your thing.

Do you think you have it?

Old boy has your ass.

I think I own it. But for the first time in my life I can see the attraction of fucking it, letting entropy go with it. Shamelessly, I always judge those who are totally deformed. This is my superficial, I should know more, but I always think that these people why not exercise? And it turns out that sometimes you can not do it anymore. This may be due to demanding work, taking up all of your time or letting you physically exhausted, or your parents, or beyond your control, such as sustained damage. I would like to apologize to every one of those people whom I have silently identified for decades. I am a jerk Also: Do ??not do the same thing to me, because I am in the twilight of the stupid years of my last years.
Another issue that must be asked is that consistent exercise is associated with longer life expectancy, but do you want to get older? I’m not sure if I’m sure I do not want to die soon, but I do not want to be fed by a spoiled zoo. Boring Catholic High School 2057 children, their service time to listen to my old MTV story? No thanks.

Oh, my god, I’m just thinking about it and it’s a bit irrelevant, but George HW Bush has been treated as an ordinary person. It was the most frustrating thing for me to think of being barely alive, drooling, turning around and sitting on a chair, with the instinctive impulse that was left in your rotten brain. I think we can include a column on sexual descent in our column, which we might think of at some point.

I think I can live to 75 years old or so. Although I exercise, but I also smoke and drink, and these things tend to deny the impact of wood. Look, I just want to say, I hope I can always be active, adaptable and debauchery, but also to a mature age, and in my sleep to die peacefully, surrounded by relatives. And I defeated a young punk who thinks he is stronger than me.


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