“BBC Sounds” 2018 champion Sigrid: “The dramatic chorus – they’re the best things in the world”


IGrid, a 21-year-old from Norway, seems to be having a hard time pinching her biggest “pinch yourself” in 2017 at the moment of contention, as you might imagine she’s the first barbarian, contagious single, Do not kill my atmosphere, wherever nowhere to go, and spend a combined total of over 30 million on Spotify and YouTube. She plays in Glastonbury, and a BBC blog speculates she’ll one day head back to Worthy Farm. Speaking of scope: She also sang a Nobel Peace Prize concert in front of the 2017 winners, the International Day for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons and the representative of the 85-year-old survivor of Hiroshima. She said: “So, much more important than the cause.
But Sigrid’s single was her work at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark in June. She recalled: “We play at 1pm, this is not the biggest time.” Just at the end of the week, I said, “People get contaminated and hangover. No one is coming. I told the band: “We’re just going to do our job, it’s cool here, guys, we’ve really handed it over to Roskilde.

“And then we’re on stage,” she continued, her jaw dropped suddenly, “I do not know there’s 7000. It’s like: ‘What.Well, this?’ You read something similar online and in the interview, But things look different when you see the numbers yourself, and when you see those who really come out of the tent, they may be spitting, and they are like, “No, we’re going to see show. That means the world. ”

If 2017 is Sigrid’s breakthrough year, 2018 is not too bad either. Behind four EPs on Friday, she was announced by Clara Amfo on Radio One as the winner of this year’s BBC Sound Of … polls. There are no flashy trophies and no generous financial sponsorship, but it does give 170 music experts – from critics to pre-nominees like Stormzy and Ellie Goulding – and believe you are heading towards the fast track rule of the future world. The Sound of … list has impressive hits: winning the first race from 50% in 2003, Adele in 2008, and Sam Smith in 2014.
Sigrid Solbakk Raabe said: “Music is a very interesting thing even in high school.” I do not think I understand that this could be a profession. This is why winning the BBC Award is because, as a Norwegian, it is pretty incredible. I have never had a non-American or non-British artist before. ”

She laughed and won. “To be honest, this is a good way to start the year!”

We met a few days before the official announcement. Someone (possibly from the BBC) asked for unusual safety and anonymity and may be watching the Prue Leith baking scene on Channel 4. As a result, we sat in the observer’s windowless room, full of the charm of the interrogation room. Sigrid came to a bottle of water and an orange. “Can I eat here?” She asked with impeccable attitude. Then when she peeled: “Do you want something?”

In fact, Sigrid did not pay much attention to himself. Today, she wears a casual gray hoodie with silver trousers and white Knicks Millennium costumes. Between the sports and leisure and sports luxury. She is almost translucent, flawless without traces of make-up on her skin; her hair is pine upright and separated from the center.

When I asked her how she described her looks, she said, “I think it’s real.When I wake up in the morning, one thing I think of is wearing comfortable clothes and wearing enough clothes, just like I wear wool today I always have wool because I do not want to get sick because I can not sing if I have a cold or a throat infection and I have to do my job.I think my style is Norwegian.

In addition to becoming the most polite person I ever interviewed (“Are you sure you do not want some oranges?”) Sigrid has a distinctly iron-like feel. She said there is a Norwegian word veslevoksen, which means that a child is older than them. Do not stifle my atmosphere Inspired by a writing conference early in her career, she was patronized by two more experienced songwriters. This gives her an uncompromising opinion of how she has behaved and portrayed her career.

“Sometimes it’s weird as an artist and I’m good at what I do best.” “If I could see everything I did: if I recognize my face, I recognize those Clothes, recognize these works of art, these songs … I do not like to do a lot of things with the sound of recordings and stuffs, as pure as possible, stay as it is, be honest, I do not understand why I did not do it, why I Should control be given to others? ”

Sometimes Sigrid would ask if success will change her. “Why is this?” She was really confused. “It’s like they’re asking: ‘Why do not you become a day? Well, you are yourself and I’m very fortunate to be lucky to do that, and that’s the fact that pop music is sometimes due to many other things besides music I’m just pop music, I like chorus, dramatic chorus: They’re the best things in the world, and I do because I like to make music and show songs. ”
The appearance of Sigrid, just like her earlier Lord, also proved that the music industry still has the power to track down genius in any hidden place. Sigrid was born in ?lesund, Norway’s 17th-largest city, a football club where John Arne Riise started, arguably Britain’s most famous place. Her father is an engineer and her mother is an architect and not a special music. And, Sigrid is not even outstanding in her own family: her older brother, Treff, is a more skillful musician who insists her older sister, John, is a better singer.

Sigrid painted scenes of pastoral childhood: skiing and hiking in the mountains around ?lesund, and dancing after school. Piano lessons and singing are some of the other things she does for fun. Her voice has a distinctive natural file, but a voice coach encouraged her to embrace it instead of softening it. She said: “I always like to go to school later:” I have wonderful parents. This sounds tacky, but to be honest, I have a very good education. Sigrid imagined she would become a teacher or journalist or work for the government.

However, from her brothers and sisters, she was introduced to the music they were listening to. Sigrid clearly remembered standing on a train station in France, her brother playing a cool-playing clock. Another inspirational moment, she said, is that Adele heard “deep in the air” around the age of 16. She said: “That was the first time I heard pop songs, it made me surprise.” Often you will find the song like this: “Oh, this is a 3.21 show,” but it’s good from start to finish.

Normally, Sigrid did not know what the songs were about. She smiled and said: “I do not know what Coldplay was singing two years ago.” I’ve never heard the lyrics, I only focus on the melody. “


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