How to live longer, or enjoy life

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Who do not want to know how to live longer and enjoy life – until the end?

However, even though people all over the world are living longer now, those extra years are often full of pain, disability and mental anguish.

This is clearly demonstrated by recent research, which is considered as the most comprehensive global health research in the history of medicine.

Majid Ezzati, one of the leading researchers, said: “Twenty years ago we had left a world where people did not have enough food to get into the world because too much food and unhealthy food got us sick.

So how are you lately? As long as you live, how can you live longer, out of all the painful aging diseases and enjoy your life?

7 anti-aging diet and lifestyle guidelines
While the ongoing Search for Youth fountain never stops, some scientists have for years been silently accepting some research into ways to achieve a healthy life extension.

Here’s how to live longer, stay healthy and enjoy a seven-step life:

1. Eat low calories with super healthy diet. This simple step has been repeatedly studied to prove. By eating a nutritious, strong diet that is 25% to 40% below normal, you can maintain slim weight and potentially live long, happy, and healthy lives by avoiding heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more life. .

2. Naturally maintain good health numbers. Your blood can give you valuable feedback on how you can be healthy and wise. A healthy low-calorie diet will help you keep these numbers naturally:

Blood glucose levels: Learn how to control blood sugar naturally.
Blood pressure levels: Learn how to naturally lower your blood pressure.
Total cholesterol levels: Learn how to lower your cholesterol levels naturally.
Blood triglyceride levels: Learn how to reduce triglycerides naturally.
3. Avoid tobacco and secondhand smoke. Died of smoking. It causes cancer, atherosclerosis and more. Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death and disease in all parts of the world.

4. Eliminate or greatly limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol use is considered the third highest risk factor in the world. It weakens the immune system and contributes greatly to various diseases, including heart disease and cancer. It is the leading cause of accidents, violence and suicide.

In the global burden of disease study, the three main risk factors are:

A. Hypertension,
B. Smoking,
C. and alcohol use.

5. Including daily moderate physical activity. Regular exercise can help you stay healthy, have a good balance and a better quality of life with age. And just having a daily walk offers some great health benefits.

6. Create a healthy and inspiring social life. A healthy family and a healthy social life have proven to be good for you. Using a pet can also add a healthy heart to your life.

7. Positive and optimistic attitude. The study found that positive optimists saw a 50% lower risk of premature death than those who were more negative and pessimistic.

While some of these healthy lifestyle and anti-aging diet steps can be challenging, but now you know how to live longer and enjoy your life until the last breath, why not take the challenge?


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