8 effective strength training skills try it now


Training to failure. In most moderate-weight elevators, the elevator is completed before it fails. Muscles feel unwell, sweating has started, more suits vibrate, and we move on to the next exercise. This is a great way to get stronger, but is a better way to fail? Yes and no. When training fails – until the body can not do more reps – recruit more muscle and trigger the body to release more strength to build hormones, which is most effective if a top percentage represents the best that can be performed. Also, setting up a failure increases the chances of over training and being injured, so it is best to only occasionally use this technique and work with a spotter.
Super collection. Instead of tweeting after each episode, connect the movement to another movement that focuses on another body part, such as Tom and Jerry for back and chest, double and triple. Research shows that elevating the superset can be as effective as building strength while adding extra heart components. Or add a punch, do similar body parts – shoulders and shoulders, legs and legs – severe burns.
Cycle training. Some stadiums are set up to move people from machine to machine, or exercise with little rest. This keeps the heart pumping and muscle working. Work at each workstation for 30 to 45 seconds, or a certain number of delegates, and keep the break short, just time from one station to another. Like Super League, this approach combines the benefits of strength training with some aerobic exercise. It’s easy to make a simple circuit at home: from wall to wall, sit-ups in front of the TV, tilt-ups on the coffee table, leaping sideways on sleeping puppies – working hard, moving fast and in good health!
Tabata interval. Many of these techniques have the benefit of saving time, while Tabata spacing is definitely time-saving. The Tabata protocol developed by Dr. Tabumi for Olympic athletes is a high-intensity intermittent training (HIIT) in which 20 seconds of work plus 10 seconds of rest followed by 8 rounds. . It has been shown that a 20 second / 10 second rest pattern levies more on aerobic and anaerobic pathways – and for a shorter period of time – more vigorous exercise than rest means improved overall cardiovascular health. The agreement can be done by running / boating / swimming, weight training or aggravating action.

Drop set. Drop groups can be performed with any movement that includes walking around like squats or bench presses. You’ve done ten bench presses and can not do eleven times. Pick the weight again and take the partner off ten pounds and repeat as much as possible under the new weight. Dumbbell use simpler, just move to smaller and smaller ringtones, you can set. A total of three drops are normal, to do this infinite, you may be too painful the next day.
Negative set. Weight training and gravity. The action of pulling the lever upwards is called “concentric action” while returning to the ground is the “negative action” or the negative part of the action. Tensile forces that resist gravity during the negative transplant of the hand weaken the muscles in different ways. At the end of a long period of time, simply perform negative operations (with the help of a partner) or achieve uncontrollable weight movements (such as pull-ups or pull-downs) by performing only negative actions of the actions. Sounds easy? Go try it!
Rest – suspended set. The body is an amazing machine, with proper rest, it can surprise us with tenacity. If the weight is close to 3 or 5 represents the maximum, try to represent as much as possible and then reinstall it. Rest for 10 to 15 seconds, then grab it again and enter it. Make sure to keep the correct form and go / rest until you can not get the bar. Make sure to do it only once.
Static hold. Some people think that static hold is an intensive technique used in yoga. They can do this by exercising their weight – entering the top of a board or squatting and holding – or can be done by lifting weights (slightly retracted or fully locked). Our tip? How long time can be sustained, every week to see improvements.


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