500px introduces the photographer’s catalog.


No matter you are members of500 px photo sharing site, or, like me, you just think it sounds like an image of the specifications of the size, their latest news should let your ears up, if you are a professional or semi professional striker. The site in some circles photographer known for photos can be Shared custody, the website for current and future customers launched a broad directory, aims to potential customers with professional photographers. The 500px directory membership number is as high as 49,000, with 11,000 index locations from 191 countries.

As a member of the catalog, 500px users can directly receive a shot from a potential client (including Google, AirBnb, and Lonely Planet) or a team from the site’s own team. Because of their recent collaboration with software giants, directory members are also eligible to include their images in the Adobe’s Stock Premium library.

Interested photographers can register in simple form, asking them to specify their talents, equipment and interests. For example, you can choose whether they are interested in photography, video or both, as well as their major in architecture, wedding, sports or fashion. Make sure your device is convenient, but the website requires that you list at least one video camera (you can add more), but can choose to report additional equipment, such as 4 k and 360 ° capacity of the equipment.

This directory has a strong interest for 5 million pixels into the field of expanding economic scale, the photographer can set their own rates, list the time during the day and week in which they are free to take pictures of a few extra days. It’s free to join, but in April the site plans to start charging additional services to those who promote its membership. Some of the functionality of the site has spent the extra costs – their current membership upgrade fees range from $2 to $14 per month, in April, after various member in their professional level will help you to gain additional exposure directory.

With other Numbers to creative professionals and seek its service personnel (such as Vidmob) connected to other web sites and applications, like 500 px new directory large network also has its merits and defects. Photographer has long been relying on their previous performances and customers through word of mouth to build a professional network, and the possibility of expanding opportunity is promising, especially for the young striker also in building a portfolio or as distant photographer living in the countryside.


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