Alpine skiing: the last Olympic Games on Vonn? He didn’t buy it.


Mikaela Shiffrin, an American gold medalist in the Olympic Games in pyeongchang, did not buy her teammate Lindsey Vonn in the “official line-up” for the next Beijing Olympics.

Vonn, the bronze medalist in the downhill and the vancouver champion eight years ago, has repeatedly said it could be her last appearance at the Olympics.

But Ms. Schifflin was also skeptical after feng’s sisters warned against excluding the 33-year-old Chinese from his last appearance in 2022.

“It’s interesting because every time I hear someone comment on it, it’s quite possible, maybe we’ll see it but we’re not sure.

“I like, ‘know lindsay, I don’t believe her,'” Mr. Sherwood said at a news conference on Friday.

Shiffrin has become the next star of the us alpine skiing team, but the 22-year-old rejected her idea of taking over from Vonn.

“I don’t think I can fill her shoes in the way she wears… I don’t have a lot of ideas about it, because first I don’t think lindsey thought she was done, or passed the baton and I didn’t see myself taking the baton, “she said.

The champion of pyeongchang, Sofia Goggia, also believes Vonn has a chance to continue for another four years.

The italians contacted Vonn Thursday and told the Italian press she urged americans not to give up until Beijing.

“You are too champion, you can manage (your schedule), you can only do the mountain,” she told the americans.

Vonn confirmed that she had heard of Goggia.

“She wrote to me last night and she wanted to talk to me, and she tried to convince me to keep going until 2022. It’s important for me, she likes to play with me like me, because I like to play with her, and I respect her a lot, especially because of all her injuries, “Vonn said.

“I told her – if I could, if I could continue for four years, then I might, as long as I thought I was still a competitor.

“But four years is a very long time, and I told her that she said she would always try to convince me, but we will see,” Vaughan added.

Minnesota born Vonn needed six World Cup victories to beat Ingemar Stenmark’s 86 victories and become the most successful skier ever.

“I’m not going to stop skiing until I break it,” feng said.

“This year has not started as I had hoped… But I can still win four games, and I think next year my focus will be on the World Cup, not the Olympics, “she added.

“It makes me have more time to prepare for each game, rather than focus on to strive for victory in February, I think I can finish it next season, because I have no more young,” she said.


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