Drexel’s incredible NCAA history and massive comeback.


Never give up on you, never let you down.

These aren’t just the lyrics of rick astley’s ’80s smash, Never Gonna Give You Up– if You’re the drake men’s basketball team, they’re also living.

After a 56-29 deficit at the end of the first half, the dragons trailed by 56-27 and beat Delaware 85-83. If a full offensive turn is not enough to excite you, Drexel’s victory is the biggest comeback in the d-1 history.

South steel has dropped in the first half of the year, making it almost impossible for them to improve as much as 34 points from 12 to 18.

But by the last six minutes of the game, it was a 10-point game, and drexel was looking for the impossible.

With the end of the game and two seconds of time, drake’s main scorer, Tramaine Isabell, fouled in the 3-pointer. He was able to win 85-83 of his life with three free throws.

Even in the face of the defeat, it was clear that drake would never give up, never give up and give up the game.

Over time, westbrook scored a three-pointer, allowing the Oklahoma city thunder to beat the Sacramento Kings 110-107 on Thursday night.

“We have to find a way to make the rest of the space available,” Westbrook said. “They thought I was going to play in the high ball game. I just read the defenders and tried to bounce back and get some space.”

The thunder left the game with a 23-2 lead and a 105-102 lead with just four minutes left, and then finished with 8-2.

Paul George scored 26 points, carmelo Anthony 23 points, westbrook 17 points over, help Oklahoma city at the end of the season against Sacramento has won the next three games.

After a computer glitch at the end of the third quarter froze the king’s system, the complete final statistics were not available. A team official later distributed the official scorecard to the media and the players.

Westbrook seized a copy and looked briefly at it before throwing it aside.

“I could have done it during the day, but I don’t know what it is,” westbrook said. “I can’t understand it.”


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