Instagram can now include multiple photos in a single ‘album’ article.


Instagram has a long way to go, including video, live stories, reviews and other enhancements, but now the rules for every single photo are finally lifted. Starting with version 10.9, users can include up to 10 pictures or video in each article as a photo album.

Instagram has heralded the official change for some time, but today is the official version. When you select the photos to be published, you will now see a button that allows you to select multiple photos. After selecting the media to include, it will provide you with the opportunity to apply the same filter in all photos and video.

Multiple image posts are shown in slideshow, so viewers will be able to skate.

My gut reaction for the change slightly negative, because it seems likely to encourage users to spend less time dealing with image, because now have two rolling direction and story competition users together. However, since the timeline is no longer in chronological order, this might be a good way to show the whole picture story without having to spread the algorithm everywhere.

What do you think of this new feature? Do you use multiple image posts or do you stick to singles?


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