What does the expansion plan for Hong Kong Disneyland mean for passengers?


(CNN) fans around the world will gasp for breath when the Hong Kong Disneyland resort announces that it will make a permanent night with the sleeping beauty castle on January 1, 2018.

As it was the first time Disney had closed one of its six castles, the reaction was expected. Stephen Zwanzger, the theme park Guy, has visited 350 parks in more than 100 countries.

“Turning castles into big ones is a unique business that Disney has never done before,” he told CNN Travel.

Hong Kong’s iteration – the original copy of Anaheim, calif. – is now turning into a larger, larger version.

The Newcastle will make its debut in 2019, its architectural style of the fusion of different cultures, and salute to multiple Disney princess story at the same time, including Snow White, Cinderella, aurora, ariel, belle, jasmine, pocahontas, mulan, Tina, rapunzel, merida, moire and Anna and elsa.

“For Hong Kong Disneyland, I think this is a good idea, because the Anaheim, the cloning of the castle always appears by the amazing lantau island mountains behind,” Zwanzger added.

Great changes are taking place.

Although the park visitors can still see the top of the sleeping beauty castle, but the base was surrounded by a blue building fences, it reads “magic is happening,” crane tower into the clouds in the background.

For those familiar with Disney’s incredible ability to maintain its behind-the-scenes look, this is an impressive sight.

But it is also a symbol of the ongoing overhaul, as part of a multi-annual $1.4 billion expansion plan aimed at improving the region’s competitiveness.

Times are tough for the park, where the Hong Kong government is a big shareholder. Local media reported this week that it reported a third year of losses, with a deficit of hk $345 million ($45 million) in 2017.

For six years from 2018 to 2023, the expansion will include new attractions and entertainment options, many of which are unique to Hong Kong Disneyland.

A recent exposure was released in early February 2018, Disney has released The first to experience The Ant – Man, The Wasp and shields as characteristic of new experience, this experience will be launched in tomorrowland, replace recently closed buzz lightyear Astro Blaster cycling. It will open this year.

It will be part of the second wonder of last year’s iron man experience, as well as the entire wonder area planned for 2023.

Other highlights of the next six years include the snow and ice themed recreation area, catering, shopping and entertainment district, featuring characters and stories from the Arendelle kingdom.

It is expected to open in 2020.

The most popular Disney resort in the world?

In the early days of the opening of the Hong Kong Disneyland resort in 2005, many people scoffed that you could experience the park in half a day — which is not an exaggeration.

There are some Disney staples, but in general it’s exciting – especially if you’ve been through parks in Florida and California.

In recent years, however, with the addition of new money such as Toy Story Land and Mystic Point, it has succeeded in turning itself into something more magical.


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