Would you sleep in a glass pod hanging on a cliff in Peru?


(CNN) – do you sleep on one side of the Peruvian mountains in a transparent capsule?

This is the idea behind the spectacular Skylodge Adventures Suites, which is precariously perched on the edge of a cliff in Peru’s sacred valley.

If you’re brave enough, these crystal pods won’t arrive until you’ve climbed 400 meters (about 1,300 feet) on the rock surface, or trekked through a bold line with a zipper network.

Once you settle down for the night, you’ll get an impressive panoramic view of the wild valleys below and the Milky Way galaxy at night.

The motives behind these dramatic hotel is to provide “a unique experience, let a guest contact with nature again, or let them realize the real luxury may”, Natalia SkyLodge manager Travel Rodriguez told CNN.

Suite is an adventure company Natura Vive sources of inspiration, they hope their guests embrace their inner adventurer: once you ready to leave your suite, you can pull the wire to the ground below.

Inside these 24-foot-8-foot pods, guests can enjoy a breathtaking view – four beds, a dining area and a private bathroom.

There are pillows and quilts on the bed to make sure you sleep well, if you’re not distracted by stargazing.

The main challenge of building this unique structure, rodriguez said, is “getting things there” and “designing it to handle the wind.”

Don’t worry – pods are made from aerospace aluminum and weather-resistant polycarbonate – so Natura Vive promises they are safe and guests are safe.

This unconventional vacation will allow you to return about 1,335 Peruvian soles / $400 a night. The price includes a trip to your cabin, equipment, a tour guide’s private transportation – plus a bottle of wine and a bottle of wine, and breakfast overlooking the valley below.

For those who prefer not to stay, SkyLodge offers lunch, Peruvian food experience — from 770 Peruvian soles / $237 per person.

Peru’s SAN valley – natural wonders, green space and the location of the archaeological sites – by two UNESCO world heritage site (former royal capital, Cuzco and machu picchu castle in the 15th century) in the form of books end (more or less).

The location of SkyLodges is great, allowing guests to enjoy the valley from above for a day or two, and then venture into Macchu Picchu.


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