5 Tips for Getting Over Fitness Burnout


Every new year approaching, fitness novices and veterans rushed into the gym, full of determination and motivation to complete them. But the rise will definitely fall, right?
When we made a big commitment to ourselves in January, we did not always factor in our daily routine, which often hindered our exercise, a healthy diet, and most importantly, we needed time.
“Adrenaline and the initial sparks will only burn the fire for so long,” Aaptiv trainer said. “Eventually, we started to feel tired because we did a lot of hard work at the gym.”
According to Barajas, if you do not free up time for yourself, you’re exhausted. He said: “If you do not keep your relationship, you can not maintain any routine or relationship between work, socializing, and family.” “It all comes down to this question: either you promise to take care of you or you’re Everything around you, you too. ”
We asked Barajas to share some of his best suggestions to avoid a mental decline and to focus on crazed schedules and ambitious plans.

1. Don’t focus on the numbers.

It is easy to focus on sterling, mileage and returns, but Barajas does not think so. He said: “We see numbers too bad.” “We always say, ‘I need to lose 10 pounds,’ or ‘I’m going to a wedding in Tulum within a month, and I need to wear a bathing suit. ‘”
Barajas advises not to focus on short-term goals but to look further. “Make it a habit – be part of yourself,” he said. “This is to adapt to everyday life, so you feel good in March, April, May and other times.”

2. Remember fitness is a practice.

You’ve probably heard about yoga practice and how to practice everyday to improve and better understand the action. In fact all the training is like this.
“Fitness is a practice,” Barajas said. “Mankind wants instant gratification, so it is frustrating and frustrating when we do not immediately excel at something or start to struggle.”
This frustration can affect our motivation over time, which may lead us into a recession. However, Barajas said, remembering that exercise requires focused and regular practice can help transform our approach and how we see progress.
“So you are not very good at hiccups?” Said Barajas. “Practice. Hate thrus? Practice. Are you doing your push-ups or are you giving up after a bad match? Are you practicing your plank?
Everything takes time, and once you have mastered the elements of a sport, you move into new and different goals.

3. Be more mindful.

Mindfulness is a healthy field, it gets a bad representative, many people mistakenly think they do not have the time or patience to meditate or pay attention. But mindfulness can actually be the main motivation before, during, and after your workout.
Barajas said: “Although I am very active, but I still need to motivate myself to exercise.” “But I think if I skip it, I will have what feeling .I do not mean that I am guilty, I mean It’s my body and spirit. ”
He recommends thinking positively about the immediate benefits of exercise. “Take a meditative approach to exercising, paying attention to how each of your actions affect you, as well as your physical and psychological feelings,” Barajas said. “When you relate exercise to health directly, you are more likely, first, to go to the gym and then stick with it and develop those habits.”

4. Find time to meditate.

You may have already seen it. But this is true. Meditation and mindfulness are good for fighting negative emotions and mental decline, but they also encourage personal reflection, stress, and even exercise. This is easier than it looks.
Barajas said: “Most people can hear the voice of meditation, they think it means sitting on the top of the lotus.” “But there are walking meditation, shower meditation, commuting meditation and so on.”
10-minute meditation for those who think they can not do it.
You can easily shrink because of the lack of time, but finding a few minutes to meditate is not that difficult. He said: “If you get up in the morning and breathe in five conscious breaths, that’s meditation.” “My personal meditation happened on the subway every day, and when I was on my way to work or at school, because we were underground, There is no signal and it is dark. “So for a few minutes a day, I just sat meditating.

5. Stop saying, “I do not have …”

The beauty of determination is that they come from where you want to be better. Barajas explained that while we are fully capable of achieving the goals we set for ourselves, we do not give ourselves enough credit.
He explained: “We’re going to make up for our failure by saying” I do not have it, “not something like” I have it. “” You have time, you have the power, you have support, but you need to actively remind myself. set a goal. “


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