High Heel Jungle Socks Were Made To Be Worn With Heels & You’ll Want To Plan Your Outfit Around ‘Em


When it comes to accessories, people usually add clothes to clothes when they are dressed. These socks will make you do exactly the opposite. High-heeled jungle’s high-fashion socks are so good that you will want to plan your entire outfit around them. After all, the style is about the details, the accessory is loud and clear.

Katherine Eisman, the author of “The High Heel Jungle,” was once the head of fashion and life at E! News, spending a lot of time studying fashion psychology, it all made her wear socks. Not only socks, but also fashion, and immediately can be made into a set of clothes. There are all sorts of things in high jungle jungle, from patterned socks to beaded patterns and even butterflies. Forget to enter the sock drawer days, the old socks out, because it will allow you to plan the entire clothing on your feet.

“I’ve written a lot about books on fashion psychology and I believe people will show themselves in the details – fashion is our ultimate extension.” “I created heels in high heel jungle so that every woman can wear everyday Simple clothes turn into a happy, powerful self expression … “Choose actively which day she will be in the world.

Leave Me Alone Cotton Socks, $22, High Heel Jungle

These socks are not traditional. Each design does not just mean to wear, but to design style. Mesh design, classic cotton, and even fishing nets. You can wear high heels or traditional sneakers, but one thing is for sure – they’re destined to be seen.

“Each sock in the collection will look for a different woman, talk to her and express her in a flamboyant chiffon sock that feels weird or sexy butterflies in her pantyhose or her cheeky attitude of excluding my socks Feel, “Eisman said.

These accessories are upscale, but they do not have your typical high fashion price tag. The price for each design ranges from $ 20 to $ 50, depending on how much you want to spend on your feet. Now you can buy 24 styles on the Heel Jungle website.


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