Wildfang’s Protest Collection Has Everything You Need For Your Next March


When I joined my first women’s parade, I wanted to say too much. I want to scream for my rights, because the woman standing next to me, um, in general. Thanks to Wildfang’s protests, you can say what you want to say before you speak. Or, you know, you can wear this collection on the street so that everyone knows you’re coming in rebellious shouts. Beauty is your choice.

The brand is no stranger to protests. In 2016, Wildfang launched a wild feminist t-shirt that became popular online. Since then, the brand has created the ultimate power pack, graphic t-shirt and accessories, all with a message. If you can imagine, the latest product of this brand has done this to a larger extent.

Wildfang’s protest line includes a button-down shirt, short jacket and pin, all of which make you instantly think of everything. “I believe you,” “I Believe You” and “79 cents = 100% nonsense.” This collection is now available for purchase, so you can fight for your rights in the upcoming parade.

“We were inspired by the 70s vintage protest button and t-shirt,” said Taralyn Thuot, creative director at Wildfang. “After 30 years, their relevance has been phenomenal both in terms of information and design.” We’ve come a long way, but it’s clear for women’s rights. The fighting is far from over. Let’s put on combat gear, ladies.
The price of this handset ranges from $ 10 to $ 188. This is a small price, as a great equipment and protest equipment.

Fight For Your Rights Bomber, $188, Wildfang

If all this is not enough, this series is also charity. According to the website, 1% of each item extracted from the purchased protest collection will be donated to the Malala Foundation. The organization “safeguards every girl’s rights to free, safe, quality education for up to 12 years.” So, not only do you feel great, but your money can also become an inspiring undertaking.

The size of the jacket and jacket can be as small as 2X. As of March 2, all items, including pins, are still in stock. You will want quick action because there is so much to say and only so much time to say. This is not a limited edition collection, but it does not know when it will be available again.

March is International Women’s Day, so there is no better time to buy. The parade of women may have ended, but the parade of our lives will be held on March 24. This is the best time to hoard protest equipment. Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying these clothes everyday.


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