Greta Gerwig’s whimsical Rodarte gown is a real red carpet win.


Greta Gerwig’s wardrobe has always been fascinating. From an independent actress to a famous director, the style of the Oscar nominee has changed over the past year and has not lost any of its whimsy. Lady Bird has won multiple awards for her crowd favorite – and Gerwig has become the only female director nominee this year – and she walked to the dolby theatre with a triumphant Rodarte victory. Bright yellow and hand-beaded embroideries cover, it seems optimistic, elegant, the world away from any outdated idea how a woman and director should be present.
Designed by Kate and Laura Mulleavy, they have some coaching experience, and the dress is an attractive accessory in the red carpet series and makes Gerwig feel at home. Laughing with TimotheeChalamet, posing as a paparazzi for a passionate night, she puts her best face on the best dress.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s an underrated fashion icon Whoopi Goldberg has made quite a spectacular statement on the oscars red carpet. Tonight, she attended the blue Christian Siriano dress. The number on the belt, of course, has a royal attitude: it shows her shoulders, reveals her tattoos, and spatters yellow and purple flowers. (she adorn it with the red ribbon of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS foundation, which she supports.) Of course, goldberg, who never took a personal style too seriously, added his own cheeky touch: a decade of trend sunglasses on the red carpet.
This is not the first time goldberg has bragged about his appearance. In 1993, the actress wore a violet dress with violet green paisley pants. Goldberg’s red carpet has the same sense of humor. She once wore a Vetements hoodies on The View, designed her own ugly Christmas sweater capsules, and liked The wild shoes she often sported on her Instagram account. And this time? It looks like goldberg’s fearless and adventurous aesthetic has been successful, leading to the red carpet gold.

Most stars spend months thinking about what they will wear on Oscar night, but for rita moreno, the choice is simple. Idol is the 86 – year – old performance has won four major entertainment awards a few celebrities, she is an Oscar, emmy, grammy and Tony award proud owners), so she knew a thing or two things to be ready for a big night. For an Oscar in 2018, moreno need to do is look at your chest, and choose her wear that dress in 1962, the year she because the role of in the west side story and was chosen as the best supporting actress. Modified slightly, changed the neckline and add a golden necklace to bring drama, moreno regeneration appearance compared with other participants in the runway design directly, is a welcome change
When it comes to fashion, moreno has been doing his own thing. For the original dress, she chose the material herself in the Philippines before making it. To attend the 1962 ceremony, she would never have foreseen that she would make history, or that she would show the same appearance again in 40 years. “I don’t know I’m going to win, I’m sure it will be Judy garland’s trial in nuremberg,” moreno Shared with E! Ryan Seacrest. Becoming the first Latin actress to win an award, moreno became a Hollywood legend. Now as one of the evening’s hosts, she continues to prove that a truly great appearance never loses its style – no matter how often you wear it and carve out your own path.


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