Floyd landis accused Bradley wiggins of medical claims for drug use.


Floyd landis, a one-time assist ant, has asked Sir Bradley wiggins to win the 2012 tour DE France title. The United States has made a tough assessment of former Olympic champion and Sky Sky chief Sir Dave Brailsford, who remained silent after further calls for his resignation.
Members of congress accused Sir Bradley wiggins of being hit in ‘malicious’ activity.
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That’s because former Sky Sky coach Shane Sutton explained to Wiggins and the team’s former doctor about the drugs and the causes of the five Olympic champions.
Landis said bresford had to take the ultimate responsibility for any drug on his team’s bicycle. This week’s parliamentary committee report concluded that wiggins and may support drivers have taken performance enhancing drugs, legal treatment of medical conditions as an excuse to prepare for the tour DE France. Wiggins said that three large tour before riding a bicycle, he USES powerful steroid triamcinolone allergy treatment, and denied through any moral course, as the number, culture, media and sport chosen commission report claims.
Landis said wiggins would benefit from the substance. “This is 100% performance improvement,” the American told the guardian. “Some steroids increase weight, and some steroids reduce weight. But they are stress hormones, which are designed to help the body respond to combat or flight syndrome, and to increase physical fitness in the battle of life and death, which is to ride a bicycle. There is no denying that it improves performance. There is no ambiguity. ”
Landis was stripped of the 2006 tour DE France championship after being told he had tested positive for testosterone. Even though Mr Landis’s testimony about widespread doping on his bicycle contributed to the fall of lance Armstrong, some people may not trust him because of his drug history. “I don’t know the authorities on the Sky Sky what to do,” Landis said, “but they kicked me out, take my title using steroids [he tested positive synthetic testosterone], so Wiggins will do the same.”
Mr Landis, 42, believes that after the recent crisis, sponsors will leave Sky Sky. “Soon companies don’t want to put their names next to their own teams. If I run a business and want to maintain the positivity of its image, I will leave Sky Sky long ago.
“On the basis of the Froome case, you put all this together, and only those who tried to defend Sky Sky were those who still believed in Donald trump. No matter how important you put the truth in front of them, it makes no difference.

“It won’t go away. This is the new reality for these guys. I’ve been in this world. I know how dynamics work, and Brailsford has to be responsible for what happens. ”
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Sutton said that while Wiggins and former Sky Sky medical team member Richard freeman had a mysterious giffey bag delivered to the team in 2011, they still had doubts. Steele maintains that it contains fluimucil, which is the law, rather than triamcinolone, allegedly. “I can’t work with brad,” Sutton said. “My axe is brad, and the doctor has a chance to stand up. They have a chance to defend Dave Brailsford, and they should be in front of the committee. I call on him and the doctor to stand up and tell the truth. ”
At the same time, Froome demeaned the commission’s report. He is preparing for tirreno-adriatico in Italy after his bad drug test was announced and his second game was announced. But he was again confronted with questions about doping. Members of congress concluded that triam-cinolone was used to prepare Wiggins for the 2012 tour DE France, and that other drivers might support him. But Mr. Fromm, who won the tour four times, rejected any such association while talking to Italian journalists.
“I have never seen anything like it. “It’s not my experience inside the team, it’s how the team works,” he said. Asked if he was a driver for the 2012 tour DE France, Froome replied: “no. It’s absolutely rubbish. I’ve seen the blame, but no, it’s completely garbage.
The tour director attacked Chris Froome’s “bizarre” extension.
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“I can only speak from my own experience in the team. I have been there for eight years since the first day. I must have a very different picture of the headlines. I’m proud to be part of the team. I won’t stay for so long. If I don’t trust the team and the people around me, I won’t stay in the team and I won’t stay in the team. Dave B [Brailsford] brings all these people together and we have a great team. ”
Froome says he won’t let anything move from the game. “This is part of what I’ve been dealing with as a professional cyclist throughout my career. I have faced adversity. I have learned how to divide things. Now I’m playing Tirreno here, and I’m focusing on that. “


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