In the cult world of Junya Watanabe collectors.


Junya Watanabe rarely delve into the concept behind his clothes. “I don’t want to use words,” the Japanese designer said after the last women’s show, which will be held in Paris in the autumn of 2018. “I try to make something new every time.” Is closely related to the sichuan long bao ling (in the 1980 s he joined the Comme desGarcons family, launched in 1992, their women series, launched in 2005 after men series), dubian found his footing, made his trademark punk attitude three-dimensional carved coat and piece together the jeans. But refused to define your own work caused great interest: Ken Watanabe’s fans is one of the most stubborn character of fashion, it is a dedicated to the worship of brand new collector groups Junya ‘World.
Junya ‘World is composed of most men, from the perfect wool trousers of the fall of 1999 to the fall of 2006 for customized camouflage jacket and uniform coat, to the Travis Bickle taxi driver. These devotees do not consider gender, such as in Junya Watanabe World, where many men are actively looking for women’s wear, such as a pair of silver shirts in spring 2017. “If clothes fit, fashion, and you think it can be worn in any situation, then why not?” The group’s founder, British photographer Rory Cole, asked that his personal collection was evenly split between men and women.
Since founded in July last year, JWW already has more than 800 members released their most precious works, such as Junya ‘Man x Seil Marschall shirt jacket or Junya’ Man x Hervier dust coat – pictures and find those who escape the message. They also buy from their private collections, selling and trading items (usually is the whole wardrobe full of jeans, with a slight change to the same poetic text, or members of the independent brand of the existence of almost every file selection). On the most underrated series — the 2014 autumn women’s dress debate, the idea of crossing the line to rebrand the leather jacket in different ways; In spring 2005, men’s wear was common in search of hard-to-find feature packs inspired by hikers.
According to a faithful member of Bristol in England Callum White, JWW is similar to The early version of The Basement, The team has 75000 members, designed for street fashion fans, for them to buy, sell and trade name, Palace, Yeezy and similar. Based on basement Depop and Poshmark shopping application before real rose, is the key to the next generation of community shopping example: eBay, the intersection of sets and chat rooms, members from all over the world and thousands of posts per day. “Rory found no community [watanabe] like-minded fans,” he said. White was studying to become an electrician and met cole when he was taking pictures. Fashion is a serious hobby for him. JohannesSchon, a German member who first spotted watanu on the Dover street market in New York in 2014, stumbled across JWW online. He joined and agreed to in the first month on niche appeal to white: “in the other groups, people no longer seems to be thinking about what to share with the world – they be used for Facebook, Google, and put forward the most stupid question.”
In November alone, four months later, the group had 400 members. Two months later, another 200 members joined, and the proportion grew steadily. Avid collectors such as White and Schon are also revisiting the group through verbal statements from other fans and sellers. Every day there is a new active post: it is mainly the goods that are being sold or the items that the members are searching for. Although the group is set to be “closed”, anyone on Facebook can apply and have no membership restrictions. Part of the appeal (the obvious reason) is that the number of people in the group is now small and the community is very close, which makes the true watanabe obsession able to lead the charge.

Take Cole, who owns the Junya Watanabe dress, PVC striped shopping bags to Junya Watanabe Man Mountain utility shirt in 2004, which is his favorite. In his view, JWW is a community created solely to celebrate the unique designer. “Focusing on the past design and the form that Junya created, this is something that I haven’t really touched before, especially before the fashion in western ready-to-wear men,” he said. Part of the novelty of the team is that cole can create a catalogue of his favourite seasons, spring and fall 2004. He cites one of the most popular publications of the year: Mr. Watanabe, who also worked on the project, which he called “barbaric perfection.”
For others, the gift of Watanabe’s functional overalls was something that prompted them to keep an eye on things for a long time. “The utilitarian suit he designed and made was different from anything I’ve ever seen,” Mr. Cole said. “Every product has a clean palette that goes through the test of time and requires minimal repair if it is well cared for.” In the spring of 2004, the CDG Man x Porter Yoshida gore-tex enclosure was a favorite of Schon. “Its function is absolutely masterpiece,” he explained. The work is full of multiple front pockets and an adjustable carry belt strap, and is 100% waterproof. “The best part,” he added, “can turn into a bag.”
Ultimately, the group is thriving because it encourages collectors of all stripes. Cole, more archivists, even if he doesn’t wear them (like some of them), he buys his favorite works. He missed out on the 2014 Junya Watanabe men’s denim jacket, but reappeared online a few months ago on a London boss. He traded three pieces of clothing: a Comme desGarconsHomme wool polo shirt, a Comme desGarconsHomme cardigan and a Sasquatch Fabrix double-sided sweater. “It’s a jacket I won’t wear,” he said. Londoner Freddie combs mainly USES the organization to buy and sell clothes he can wear every day at low prices. “My mother had worn and loved Comme desGarcons and Tricot before I was born,” Coomes said. He began to accumulate at the age of 16 collections, including rare stripes, horn, wise, and a green plaid shirt, printed with a poem – he had never seen in other places.
“I love Junya,” he continued, “how he dressed up and turned it into something so smart.” Clearly, he was not alone.


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