Does anyone care about the rock and roll hall of fame?


This morning, the rock and roll hall of fame announced its shortlist for 2018, including Bon Jovi, Straits Dire, Moody Blues, Cars and Nina Simone. The Rosetta Tharpe sisters will also receive an early impact award. Bon Jovi, Dire Straits, The Moody Blues and The Cars are included in The rock and roll hall of fame in a variety of ways within a year, including a qualified artist such as Radiohead, Kate Bush, Depeche Mode, Rage against The machine and LL Cool J.

One thing you can say about the rock and roll hall of fame is that it knows its audience. The hall of fame usually doesn’t focus on modern voices, diverse genres, and female artists to support white rock bands. This is part of a trend planned for much of the non-representational and musical history. In recent years, this has caused constant controversy. In 2016, Steve miller accepted his award at the induction ceremony and accused the agency of not accepting women (less than 14 percent were women at the time). In the same year, traditional rock bands rejected the fame of rapper NWA.

The hall of fame appears to have made some progress in 2017, including Tupac Shakur, Joan Baez and Nile Rodgers. But in 2018, public opinion polls showed it had returned to a predictable rhythm, with white rock bands dominating the class.
There are some welcome exceptions. Nina simone is a great performance as a cross-cultural artist and activist, while simone’s music is still applicable to all types, especially the influence of modern hip-hop music. In addition, Rosetta Tharpe sisters is often described as “rock godmother”, this is a Gospel music idol, he caused a crossover appeal of music, and affected the elvis Presley, little Richard and Johnny cash.

Unfortunately, modern artists like Kate Bush and Radiohead are not well received. LL Cool J didn’t push hip-hop into the mainstream either. Some people think Radiohead’s sn may be due to the band’s clash with the rock and roll hall of fame. As Radiohead guitarist Ed O ‘brien told me last month, “if I’m honest, I don’t understand, it’s just British.” okay, thank you. What does that mean? It’s a bit thin for black artists and hip-hop artists. ”

If so, Radiohead was punished for the band’s criticism of the hall of fame – a sign of how little the organization has. Having a certain taste is one thing, but dealing with an unfair music history is another. If this is an organization responsible for preserving music it can provide the best music organization, so it should really do this, as long as there is an objective attitude, there is no prejudice against this type. If we can’t keep up with The Times, another agency should take over.


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