Listen to KT Tunstall’s Anthemic’The River’ from her upcoming album, ‘WAX’


Listen to KT Tunstall’s Anthemic’The River’ from her upcoming album, ‘WAX’
In 2004, when the singer and guitarist KT Tunstall released her debut album “Eye to the Telescope”, she almost never knew that “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” and “Suddenly I See” would produce songs for our pop songs. influences. The mind. But they have. They have left an indelible mark on us, and through the songs and other songs in the five versions of KT, she has proven to be good at writing intelligent pop songs dealing with spiritual, spiritual and ideological problems.

KT’s upcoming album “WAX” is the second in her three-part trilogy of KIN in 2016, which explores themes of spirit, body and mind. This album focuses on the body, as the musician explained in a release about the album, “I knew I wanted it to be an electric guitar record before I started writing. It must be inner, about physics and obstacles. This is a record of human nature, which we often see as “defects.” WAX evokes a bee, a candlelight colony, which is the first long-term record of material. But more importantly, wax is produced in your own mind. “.

WAX will be released on October 5th via Rostrum Records.
Album cover / artist’s courtesy
KT’s sixth studio album will be released on October 5. It is entirely self/co-produced by Nick McCarthy, founding member of Franz Ferdinand, and co-produced by two people, MyRiot (London Grammar, Birdy). WAX features a joint writing by her frequent creative collaborator Martin Terefe and Kings Of Leon producer Angelo Petraglia. Other participants in the album include drummer Denny Weston Jr. and guitarist Charlotte Hatherley. KT plays guitar, synthesizer and singing throughout the process.

In 2014, when she moved from London to Venice Beach in California, KT continued to be a key point of creative development.

“Repositioning to Venice Beach is a key part of the enthusiasm for re-creating my record,” the artist wrote in a statement from the World Cafe. “I lost the will there. In this strange furnace, away from the ocean, in Bohemia, and most of the fairly open modernity, surrounded by some people’s birthplace, my favorite music of all time; Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Joni Mitchell. All of these are widescreen effects of creative nutrition and healing. This led to my last record, KIN, which is the first part of the trilogy, which naturally leads to the second. Part, WAX. I am very happy that I don’t know where the third part will happen.”

“I wrote KIN completely alone,” she continued. “Freeing from my system means that I can work on this album again. This book is really valuable, especially to find me and Nick McCarthy. New creative partnership.”

Today, World Cafe premiered the album’s first single “The River,” an inspiring, dynamic, emotional song that puts KT’s voice in the center. It will immediately grab you with a synthesizer hook for a few seconds before KT’s powerful sound takes over. This song is based on rock, rhythmic guitar textures and the contagious chorus you’ve been looking forward to. “The River” is a powerful commitment to the concept of the album. Guitar rock and themes involve salvation, sin and being saved. “This is to escape the madness of the world, escape the bad relationship, and hope to get clean,” KT spoke about the song. “By liberating through nature.”

In the fourteen years since the release of her debut album, KT has created a lasting and impressive work. WAX will increase this. When asked about all the changes in the music business and her own personal story for fourteen years, Tunstall said: “To be honest, the things that excite me the most are finally deeply invested in my own business. A bit dull, but Being totally immersed in every aspect of my business makes me more aware that musicians and artists need to be pioneers in their business and art. I like to shape the challenges that look like what feels a bit like the wild west, and the music transition To non-physical form. But fortunately, vinyl records will never die! Long live A + B!”

WAX will be released on October 5th via Rostrum Records. After the release of the album, KT will begin a trip to the United States in Portland, Oregon in October.

KT Tunstall US Tour Date
October 16 – Portland, Oregon – Star Theatre

October 17 – Seattle, WA – Crocodile

October 19th – San Francisco, California – Great American Concert Hall

October 21 – San Diego, California – Belly Up

October 22 – Los Angeles, California – El Rey

October 23 – Tucson, Arizona – Club Conference

October 26th – Houston, Tx. – Highlands

October 27 – Austin, Tx. – 3Ten ACL Live

October 28 – Dallas, Tx. – Kessler

October 30 – Kansas City, Missouri – Record Bar

November 1st – Chicago, IL – Park West

November 2nd – Minneapolis, Minnesota – Fine LineMusicCafé

November 4th – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Turner Hall Ballroom

November 6th – Nashville, Tennessee – 3rd and Lindsley

November 8th – Detroit, Michigan – El Club

November 9 – Cleveland, Ohio – Beachland Ballroom

November 11 – Washington, DC – Alliance Stage

November 12th – New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom

November 13 – Philadelphia, PA. – WorldCaféLive

November 14 – Cambridge, MA – Sinclair

November 16 – Buffalo, NY – Iron Works

November 17th – Toronto, ON – Horseshoe Tavern

November 18th – Vancouver, British Columbia – Royal Ballroom


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